Friday Five 1/3/20

First Friday post of 2020!

This week kicked off the new year and so far so good.

I did not do anything exciting this week- I put away Christmas decor, cleaned my house, organized and studied. It was not a stimulating week but it was satisfying!

I love before and afters!

I am finally feeling healthy again- I was sick with a cold for most of November and then last week I was hit with a triple infection. I am so thankful to be feeling healthy again and to get back to working out.

Here are my Friday Five:

1. No Spend January
One of my 2020 resolutions is to spend less money. I am so bad about little impulse purchases and they add up. My tactic for doing this in January is to do a modified "no spend" month. I am cutting out all online shopping that is not necessary (obviously excluding health, basic beauty and food items). I am going to avoid any stores I do not need to visit (Target/TJ Maxx/Homegoods, etc.) because if I go to those stores, I just want to spend money. Lastly, I am putting $100 cash in my wallet- this is my "spending" money for the month for extra things that aren't necessary to day to day life. Once that money is gone, I am done. This always me a touch of freedom for items I feel I need/want or find an amazing deal on but it still keeps me on a pretty tight leash. Wish me luck!

2. Pantene Rescue Shots

I picked these up upon the recommendation of another blogger (Kelly in the City) and they are AWESOME. Less than $5 for a months worth of hardcore, deep conditioner that heals your hair. I have completed two weeks so far and I can't get enough. My hair is super soft, my ends are looking healthier and it smells divine.

3. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo

Another recommendation from Kelly in the City! I was in need of an anti-residue shampoo to use weekly and this one was recommended to use along with the rescue shots. It is simple but effective and you can't beat the price. My hair feels SO clean after using.

4. Simplified Challenge
I followed along with this last year as well- I think it is such a great way to kick off the new year. Each day, you get a small task to complete to simplify and organize your life. For example, purging your fridge of expired items, cleaning and organizing it. Follow along over on

5. Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted 

I started watching this on the plane to Disney and it is so good. I love travel shows and I also love food shows- this is a mix of both!! I love seeing all the unique places and cultures in our world as well as the food they love. Gordon is hilarious and it is just an overall fun show. You can watch on NatGeo or Disney+.

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