A Solo Day in Disney's Animal Kingdom: Tips, the Best Photo Spots and a Place to Charge Your Phone

On our recent quick trip to Disney World, I spend a mostly solo day in Animal Kingdom. My husband had to work most of the day so he met me in the park around 4pm. I had the whole day to explore and I found some fun photo spots and was able to get great pictures even though I was on my own.

I wanted to share this post with anyone doing a solo trip and looking for some great photos in Disney's most beautiful park (in my opinion)!

Best Photo Spots
This photo was taken while walking between Africa and Asia

1. Tree of Life
I have a few spots for amazing pictures of the Tree of Life. This stunning centerpiece of the park makes for amazing photos but if you try to take them right in front when you enter the park, there will likely be a ton of other people in your photo memories because everyone is trying for the same photo. I found a few hidden gems where you can get the perfect shot and will probably be by yourself.
  • The first photo spot is a walkway into the rocks that surround the Tree of Life on the left side (Africa side). Head left around the tree, just past the Otter Grotto and walk into the rock pathway. There will be some animal habitats and then you will come up to a gorgeous photo spot with the Tree. The best part about this spot is that it is quite hidden and most don't head in here so you can get amazing photos. Also, when I did it, there was a Disney castmember there to talk about the animals and she kindly took photos for me since I was alone. Here is my photo from this spot: 

  • The next photo spot for the Tree of Life is the Discovery Trail. This is a walkway along the river just before the bridge to Africa. It is out of the way and generally pretty quiet which makes for great photos of the Tree and of the river vista. 
  • My final photo spot for Tree of Life photos is to stop along the walkway along the river while walking from Africa to Asia.
    There are lots of great views of the tree along that path. There are also a few spots where you can walk down to docks/seating areas right on the water and those make the perfect spots for photos. Offer to take a photo for someone else and it is a high probability they will take one for you in return. 
For both of these photos, we were down on a dock along the water with a perfect view of the tree and had the place to ourselves for perfect photos!

2. Everest

I think the best spot for photos with Everest is on the green metal bridge between Asia and the other side of the river where you find the Nemo show and Dinoland USA. The bridge is a pretty background itself and has a perfect view of the towering mountain behind it.

3. Pandora

Honestly, everywhere is Pandora is beautiful for photos. It was so busy the day I was there that we didn't get any great ones. I suggest going up in front of the floating mountains to the right of the drums for a great photo though!

4. Other
  • The bridge from Discovery Island to Pandora
  • The back path from Pandora to Africa
  • The Maharajah Jungle Trek
    • This is a somewhat hidden gem. Because it is in the back of Asia, a lot of people don't know it's there and it is often quiet. There are amazing animal viewing spots as well as some really pretty areas for photos that mimic Asia. 
  • Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail 
  • Oasis
  • Murals 
    • They aren't always easy to find but they make great backdrops for photos!

Getting Photos when Traveling Alone
I was on my own for most of my day in Animal Kingdom and I was still able to get lots of great photos. I have two tips for this:

1. Offer to take a photo for a couple, family or another solo traveler
If I saw a group or couple trying to take a selfie, I would offer to take one for them. 99% of the time, they would offer to take one for me in return. I do this tactic when I want pictures of my husband and I together when we are traveling as well and it works like a charm. Also, it always feels good to help someone else and spread a little kindness so this tactic is a win-win.

2. Find a lonely photopass photographer
During less busy parts of the day, I would often find a Disney photopass photographer without a line of people. I would strike up a conversation, let them take the Disney photo and then ask very nicely if they would take a photo on my phone as well. Every time I asked, they did it and I got great photos because they know what they are doing. The one told me she appreciated me asking nicely and when she didn't have a line and gave me a pin for being so nice! Disney is known for it's hospitality and the kindness of the castmembers so take advantage of that- just make sure you don't get in the way of their actual job (taking paid for photos) and you are not rude about it.

A Spot to Charge your Phone in Disney's Animal Kingdom
So I went a little crazy on my phone during my morning in Animal Kingdom and by 2pm my phone was dying. I had planned ahead for this and packed portable chargers but somehow, they were miraculously dead also. I had to have my phone charged to be able to get in touch with my husband (he was meeting me at the park in the evening) so I went on an adventure to find a spot to charge within the park. I ended up finding a single outlet on the front of a building in the Africa area- right across from Harambe Port Authority. It was next to a window so I perched myself in the sill and hung out for 20 minutes. While I was sitting there, an African acrobatic show happened right in front of me so it was awesome. Disney is hard on phone batteries so it is always good to have spots to go for a quick charge!
Perfect phone charging spot right in the middle of Africa!
Do you see the purple?? That's the charging spot!

Tips for Doing Disney Solo
1. Slow down
Animal Kingdom is so visually appealing and rich with details. I loved slowing down and just looking at all there was to see. I did both self-guided animal viewing trails, I walked through Harambe market super slow and took in all the detail and just enjoyed the amazing park. When I got with family or friends, it is always such a rush to do all the things. When I was there alone, I felt no guilt in taking as many photos as I wanted to, going as slowly as I needed and just taking it all in.

2. Don't be embarrassed
There is literally nothing embarrassing about going to Disney alone. It the happiest place on earth so GO and be HAPPY. Honestly, people are so caught up in their own day at Disney, they likely will not be paying attention to you anyway.

3. Strike up a conversation 
I stopped at Starbucks for a mid-afternoon coffee and sat at a table outside to enjoy it. I ended up striking up a conversation with an older man at the table beside me. He had been in Orlando on business and decided to add an afternoon in Disney before headed home so he was there solo as well. We chatted about the new rides and the upcoming holiday and sipped our iced coffees. Later in the day, I chatted with one of the castmembers who was feeding Lemur's outside the Tree of Life and she gave me an insider tip about how to get the best view of the night show without a fastpass. Never be afraid to strike up a conversation and be kind to another person- you never know what it will lead to!

4. Splurge on food
When you are on your own, you can get the food you want without worrying about sharing. Also, because you are only buying for one, you can splurge a little on fun snacks and not destroy your budget. I loved the Simba shaped hot pretzel, the chicken fried rice from Yak & Yeti and a chocolate Danish from Kusafiri Bakery.

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