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Small Business Gift Guide

 Happy Black Friday! 

I know today is the day of gift buying and shopping until you drop... though this year it may be happening online more than in store. I love shopping on Black Friday and scoring big deals but I love supporting small businesses more! I have complied a list of small businesses that provide great gifts this holiday season. Please join me in supporting these makers and artisans this holiday. 

For the Ladies

Personalized Dreams & Co.

This business is owned by a friend from college and she makes the CUTEST tumblers, necklaces, keychains and more. These would make perfect gift for the ladies in your life who can always use a new, stylish tumbler or a fun floral necklace. 

She has graciously provided a coupon code just for my followers. Use code THELEGALDUCHESS at checkout for a discount. 

For the Pet Lovers

Gemini Studio

This adorable shop has so many custom items for any pet lover! It is a local shop for me (Northwest Ohio) and they just make the cutest items. I personally love the dog breed mugs and dog breed canvas prints. 

For the Equestrians

Brown Acre Designs

Not sure how many equestrian followers I have but I have to plug my own small business. I offer many custom items for horse lovers and a few dog/cat items as well. Ornaments, stall signs and water bottles make great gifts for any horse lover!

For the Kids

Custom Name Puzzle

Such a cute gift for the kids in your life! Not only is it adorable, it also makes for an enriching toy for a child. 

For the Movie Buff

Window Shop Gal

These TV and movie inspired prints are SO CUTE. The Office, Gilmore Girls, The Notebook... so many options! Perfect for a college apartment or family movie room. Fit into a cost effective poster frame and you have the cutest gift!

Happy Shopping!

Husband/Father/Brother Gift Guide

Christmas is COMING! 2020 is weird but it's also flying by and it's time to start the Christmas shopping. I know this year has been hard for many people. If you are not shopping this year, I respect that and I respect the need to make hard decisions based on your circumstances. Gifts or no gifts, there are so many ways to make the holidays special. For those who are shopping, I was mindful in curating this list in include small businesses as well as large and a variety of price points. 

This gift guide is for the men in your life. I am not sure why, but I always have the hardest time shopping for the men in my life... husband, father, brother, etc. Based on the responses I got when I asked one instastories, this is a common struggle to find the perfect gift for the men in your life! I pulled together a selection of gifts I have gifted to the men in my life in the past with positive reactions from the recipients. I hope you find this helpful and it saves you a little stress this holiday season. Happy Shopping!

Some of these links are affiliate links and by shopping through them, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This little bit of income helps me to continue producing content for you and I am so appreciative of those who shop my links!

Monthly Roundup- October 2020

 Happy Friday! And Happy (early) Halloween!

I am switching gears from doing regular "Friday Five" posts to a monthly roundup post of things I loved throughout the month. This will be the first and I think it will be much easier to keep up with! 

Life After Law School

I am now well into my post-law school life and I have been reflecting on the difference in my life after law school. I have been blessed with a pretty good road after my graduation from law school. Despite a little hiccup with my first bar exam and needing to retake the exam in February 2020 (I passed!), my life has been really great. I secured a wonderful job with my law school, my husband and I bought our dream farm, I have time for hobbies and creativity again and my stress level is significantly lower. I want to go through all the emotions and thoughts I have gone through after law school. While I am very happy now, the road after law school has not been perfectly smooth and based on conversations with fellow law grad's, I think that is pretty normal. 

Friday Five 9/11/20

 Happy Friday!! Actually, not really happy. Rather, today will always be a solemn day of remembering a truly horrible day in our history- 9/11. 

There may be some of you reading who do not remember that fateful day or even weren't alive on 9/11/2001. I may have been young on that day but I will never forget the details. I was sitting in my 2nd grade classroom at Conrad Weiser West Elementary School. My teacher was Mrs. Arent and she was the sweetest woman. She was teaching us cursive writing when someone knocked on the door and motioned for her to come into the hallway for a moment. We were told to sit quietly and she walked out. A minute or so passed before she reentered and there were tears in her eyes. We asked her what was wrong and she just said it was nothing we needed to be concerned with and went back to teaching. I later found out the teachers had been instructed to keep the tragedy unfolding from the students because they thought we were too young to understand fully what was happening. When I left school that day, I noticed the flag was flying half mast and every adult looked so sad. My young brain knew something bad had happened but I wasn't sure what. I thought maybe our principal had died. On the bus ride home, the busdriver kept the radio off and it struck me as odd. When I finally made it home, my mom met me at the end of the driveway looking heartbroken. She told me that a tragedy had occurred in New York City, Virginia and Pennsylvania where terrorists had taken over planes and many people had died. I still didn't understand. She took me into the house and told me I was not allowed to turn on the TV that day... this made me mad because I watched Arthur EVERY day after school. As soon as my mom wasn't looking, I turned on the TV (I never was a very good listener). I just remember seeing a video of a plane flying into a building on every channel. I still didn't really understand but I knew it was something very very bad.