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A Gift Guide for the Dog Mom

Happy Sunday!

Since it is the second Sunday of December, I am continuing my gift guide series! The first installment, A Gift Guide for Law Students, came out last Sunday.

Today I am talking all about gifts for the dog mom friend. Millennials are quite well known for being obsessed with our fur-babies (See this article). As a very proud dog mom myself, I love getting gifts that celebrate that. I have three of the sweetest pups in the world and our life revolves around them.
Here are my fur-babies:
Gracie, our Golden Retriever; Garth, our Toy Australian Shepherd; and Annie, our rescue Mutt (left-right)

Friday Five 12/7/18

Happy Friday!

I am finishing up my first week of exams. I only had one exam this week (thank the heavens!) and I am working hard to prepare for my next exam on 12/12. Because I only had one exam, I actually had some spare time this week- a total rarity during finals! Here are a few snapshots from my week:




A friend of ours got a new puppy and brought her over to visit- I am obsessed (puppy fever is real!). I made my dog wear a Christmas sweater all week and I am obsessed with our Christmas tree. There was only one day this week I did not wear leggings so I made sure to get a picture of me in real pants during finals week. I also bought antlers because for $4 at Walmart why wouldn't I? and Starbucks is necessary because of #finalsweek and a looming exam over Business Associations. 

Here are a few of my favorite things from this week!

1. Book of the Month

Guest Post: Study Supplements for Law School Exams

Hi Everyone! Today I wrote a guest blog post over on Life in Law and Coffee Blog.

You can read it here: https://www.lifeinlawandcoffee.com/blogmas-day-3-study-supplements-for-exams/.

A Gift Guide for Law Students

Happy Sunday!

I am jumping on the blogger gift guide wagon this year! I am going to do one specific gift guide for each of the Sunday's in December leading up to Christmas.

Today, I am doing a gift guide for law students! I found a variety of things that are either useful to a law student or just something sweet that they can enjoy. So this is for friends and families of law students who are struggling with what to buy the law student in your life.

Law School Final Exams: Last Minute Prep and Things You Should Bring to the Exam

Happy December!!!

My first exam is in less than 48 hours (SOS). I am sure many of you have exams coming up very quickly as well (if you have not already had one or two). Now that I am in my third year, I have exam week to a pretty good science. Here are my best tips for last minute exam prep and things you should bring to the exam.