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Choosing Courses Throughout Law School

Happy Monday!!! 

This is the first Monday in my final week of academic classes EVER. In addition to sharing that happy news, I am sharing all the tips and tricks I have learned about choosing and scheduling your courses throughout law school. I have had several people request a post on this topic so I hope it is helpful. 

As most law students know, there are a series of classes that the ABA requires every law student to take in order to graduate. Additionally, there are a series of classes that will be tested on the state bar you choose to take that are highly recommended. Beyond that, you can choose to take whatever classes interest you. 

Friday Five 4/12/19

Happy Friday!

This was my second to last week of school.... ever. I am ALMOST DONE. Overall, my week was pretty full of studying, outlining and getting ready for final exams. This weekend I have a banquet for Moot Court, judging try-outs for Moot Court next year and more studying for exams. Here are a few other snapshots from my week.

I spent my weekend at my parents farm hanging out with this guy. It was amazing. 

Anna Banana living her best life

'Tis the season for iced coffee

Friday Five 4/6/19

Well, it's been a while since I have done this. Life has finally slowed down a touch... just in time for final exams. I have 2 weeks of class left in my entire academic career which is CRAZY. This week has been full of classes, catching up and starting my exam prep. I have also been trying to enjoy the nicer weather and spend time with my husband and pups. Here are some snaps from my week:
Spring colors

Puppy day at the law school is the best

Pasta is always a good idea

My pup Garth turned 5 this week!

And Gracie turned 3!

Now here are my Friday Five:

Life Lately

Happy April Fools Day!

Long time no blog! After a busy few weeks, I am finally getting back to it. This post is just a little about my life lately and all the things that have been keeping me so busy that I haven't had any time to blog.

The second to last weekend in March, I had my Moot Court competition in NYC. More coming on the details of my Moot Court experience later but overall it was a super fun weekend exploring the big apple and the competition was a wonderful learning experience.

What to Wear in Law School: A Week's Worth of Outfits

Good Morning!! 

I get so many questions through the blog and as a student tour guide at my law school about what people wear in law school. This was something I was super curious about before starting law school also. Did I need to wear a suit every day? Are leggings ever acceptable? As silly as it sounds, what to wear was one of my biggest sources of anxiety as I prepped for my first year of law school. 

Now that I am in my third year, I have the law school wardrobe pretty well figured out. I have discussed what to have in your closet as a law student before (see this post) and today I am sharing a snapshot into my outfits throughout a whole week of law school. 

As you will see, I do not dress up much for law school. There are days where I will dress business casual for an event or networking function but my general law school wardrobe is full of skinny jeans, soft sweaters, flannels, and simple dresses. I generally avoid sweatpants and leggings but don't get me wrong- I have plenty of days where that is the best I can do and there is NOTHING wrong with wearing leggings to law school. It is a personal choice for me to rarely wear sweats or athleisure and has to do more with my working almost every day than it does with being a law student.