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What to Wear in Law School: A Week's Worth of Outfits

Good Morning!! 

I get so many questions through the blog and as a student tour guide at my law school about what people wear in law school. This was something I was super curious about before starting law school also. Did I need to wear a suit every day? Are leggings ever acceptable? As silly as it sounds, what to wear was one of my biggest sources of anxiety as I prepped for my first year of law school. 

Now that I am in my third year, I have the law school wardrobe pretty well figured out. I have discussed what to have in your closet as a law student before (see this post) and today I am sharing a snapshot into my outfits throughout a whole week of law school. 

As you will see, I do not dress up much for law school. There are days where I will dress business casual for an event or networking function but my general law school wardrobe is full of skinny jeans, soft sweaters, flannels, and simple dresses. I generally avoid sweatpants and leggings but don't get me wrong- I have plenty of days where that is the best I can do and there is NOTHING wrong with wearing leggings to law school. It is a personal choice for me to rarely wear sweats or athleisure and has to do more with my working almost every day than it does with being a law student. 

Book Review + Giveaway!

Happy Friday!

Instead of my traditional Friday Five, I am doing a book review and giveaway today! Over Spring Break, I had the pleasure to read Trials and Trails by Jim Halverson.

How to Approach and Connect with Professors

I have had several requests for a post on approaching and connecting with your law school professors. I totally understand why people wonder about this- it is so easy to be intimidated by law school professors when you first start law school. These people are so smart and accomplished and it is hard to feel like you can approach them when you feel like you know absolutely nothing. However, if you never overcome this, you will miss out on a really beneficial process of learning from the professor and connecting with them outside of class as potential references.

The connections I have made with professors during law school has been one of my favorite parts of the process. Beyond the fact that I learn so much from them, my professors have helped me with issues in my personal and professional life. Getting over being intimidated allowed me to get to know my professors and form connections that lead to much better references. Here are my tips for approaching and connecting with your law school professors.

Friday Five 3/7/19

Happy Friday!

I was on spring break all week and it was glorious. Though I wasn't quite as productive as I had hoped to be, it was so nice to sleep in, watch some TV and get caught up on some projects around the house. Unfortunately, Monday is back to the grind.

Over the weekend, I traveled to Chicago to go bridesmaids dress shopping for one of my best friends wedding this October.

On Wednesday, I got my hair colored so it is back to fresh blonde to finish out the semester.

I hung out with my horses and played with our adorable new baby Farrah!

I decorated my house for St. Patricks Day! My Irish heritage is so happy right now.

Now for the Friday Five!

Why I do a Monthly Meal Plan

I am on Spring Break this week and it has been a very welcome reprieve in a very busy semester. I finally have time to do a few projects around the house, catch up on my reading list, watch some TV, catch up on my outlines and get some much needed extra sleep.

Another thing I have done over Spring Break is make a meal plan for the month of March. I have talked about meal planning on the blog before (See this post)- that post has a lot more info about the exact process and tips for starting out with meal prepping as a beginner. I credit meal planning with saving my sanity and my waistline regularly. Basically, meal planning means that you make a list of meals for either the week or the month and then you just get home and have dinner planned. Meal planning helps me save money when shopping because I buy ingredients I can use multiple times throughout the week and it saves us money because we go out to eat less/order in less.