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Life After Law School

I am now well into my post-law school life and I have been reflecting on the difference in my life after law school. I have been blessed with a pretty good road after my graduation from law school. Despite a little hiccup with my first bar exam and needing to retake the exam in February 2020 (I passed!), my life has been really great. I secured a wonderful job with my law school, my husband and I bought our dream farm, I have time for hobbies and creativity again and my stress level is significantly lower. I want to go through all the emotions and thoughts I have gone through after law school. While I am very happy now, the road after law school has not been perfectly smooth and based on conversations with fellow law grad's, I think that is pretty normal. 

Friday Five 9/11/20

 Happy Friday!! Actually, not really happy. Rather, today will always be a solemn day of remembering a truly horrible day in our history- 9/11. 

There may be some of you reading who do not remember that fateful day or even weren't alive on 9/11/2001. I may have been young on that day but I will never forget the details. I was sitting in my 2nd grade classroom at Conrad Weiser West Elementary School. My teacher was Mrs. Arent and she was the sweetest woman. She was teaching us cursive writing when someone knocked on the door and motioned for her to come into the hallway for a moment. We were told to sit quietly and she walked out. A minute or so passed before she reentered and there were tears in her eyes. We asked her what was wrong and she just said it was nothing we needed to be concerned with and went back to teaching. I later found out the teachers had been instructed to keep the tragedy unfolding from the students because they thought we were too young to understand fully what was happening. When I left school that day, I noticed the flag was flying half mast and every adult looked so sad. My young brain knew something bad had happened but I wasn't sure what. I thought maybe our principal had died. On the bus ride home, the busdriver kept the radio off and it struck me as odd. When I finally made it home, my mom met me at the end of the driveway looking heartbroken. She told me that a tragedy had occurred in New York City, Virginia and Pennsylvania where terrorists had taken over planes and many people had died. I still didn't understand. She took me into the house and told me I was not allowed to turn on the TV that day... this made me mad because I watched Arthur EVERY day after school. As soon as my mom wasn't looking, I turned on the TV (I never was a very good listener). I just remember seeing a video of a plane flying into a building on every channel. I still didn't really understand but I knew it was something very very bad. 

Masks For Justice Project


I am so excited to announce my newest project "Masks For Justice".

One good thing about the pandemic is that it has reaquainted me with my love of sewing. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was young but I ran out of time for it around high school and hadn't returned to it until the need for facemasks arose in March. I borrowed my grandmothers sewing machine, found some fabric and got down to business. It took some trial and error for me to get my skills back but after a bit, I was a regular mask making machine. I found that sewing was very theraputic for my anxious brain and loved doing something that was helping people in a crazy situation. All of the masks I made, I donated to friends, family and local health departments. But after 6 months of COVID life, I was itching to do something that would make a difference with my spare time at home. Pairing my love of sewing with my passion for legal justice led me to the idea of "Masks for Justice". 

Friday Five 8/21/20

Happy Friday! 

Life has been hectic lately. We are still super busy whipping our new little farm into shape: we adopted 4 rescue kittens, we have 8 chickens, we are clearing and fencing a new area for horses, we completely redid our barn and we've been painting and decorating the house in between. On top of that, I started back working in the office full time at the beginning of August which changed up the rhythm as well. So needless to say, blogging has continued to be a backseat project along with many other things. 

I do not have much new to report outside of that. My life has been pretty boring but in the best possible way. We are loving our space and land. It has been so fulfilling to work hard on our property and see it transforming before our eyes. My soul is happier to finally be back in the country and back to my farm girl roots. 

The stalls we built by hand in our little barn! It was a lot of hard work but I am so proud of our efforts
View of deer right out of my kitchen window. I love being in the country!

Friday Five 7/10/20

Hello hello!

It's been a hot minute. Late May and June were a whirlwind as we shopped for a new house, put our house on the market (it sold in 24 hours) and then packing and moving into our new house. Pretty much everything in my life except for work, moving and sleep has been on hold. Now that we are started week 3 in our new home and have it to a place where we are pretty comfortable, I am able to get back into some of my hobbies, blogging included.

Some exciting things that have happened lately:

  • We adopted some kitties from the local animal shelter. They are feral by birth so they aren't house cats- we got them to be outdoor/barn cats to help keep the rodent population down around our farm and to hopefully give these kitties a loving, safe home. Their names are MoMo, Maizy and Eve! They are still pretty shy of humans but we are doing everything we can to win them over. 


    My dog pretending he is a cat

  • We got chickens! I don't care for birds at all but my husband wanted them so bad so I relented.. and they are pretty cute. Fresh eggs coming in about 14 weeks!

  • We have done some fun projects around the new house! Lots of painting and yard work. 

  • We hosted our immediate families for the 4th of July and had an outdoor, socially distanced BBQ. It was a lovely afternoon full of family and fun. 

1. Hamilton 
Hamilton | Disney+ Originals
Everyone knows about this but wow. It is truly a masterpiece. We watched it on July 4th and I have had the songs stuck in my head ever since. As a lifelong history and musical nerd, this was basically the perfect way for me to geek out equally over history and show tunes at the same time. It is streaming on Disney+ and you should all go watch it. Now I must go praise the lord that Lin-Manuel Miranda is on this earth.

2. Renovation Island 
The Truth About HGTV's Renovation Island - YouTube
So my hubs and I became slightly obsessed with this show since moving into our new house. The premise is that a family buys a run down resort in the Bahamas and renovates the entire thing. There are many setbacks and moments of drama but it is seriously entertaining and the location is gorgeous. We watch it religiously on Sunday nights. You can find it on HGTV.

3. Handheld Vacuum 

This is the best purchase I have made in YEARS. When we moved into our new house, we quickly realized the old owner had been filthy. The house needed a deep clean top to bottom. This little handheld vacuum has helped so much. I can carry it with me easily, it fits into small spaces, it has strong suction and holds it's charge longer than I expected. Because we have no carpet in the new house, I rarely have to pull out my big vacuum now. I just sweep the floors into piles and then vacuum up with my handheld. I can vacuum out drawers in the kitchen and under the baseboards with ease. It is a game-changer and everyone needs one!

4. The Perfect Summer Quilt 

Our new house has air conditioning in the bedrooms but we still don't like to sleep with a heavy comforter during the summer months. I have been on the hunt for a simple summer quilt that is soft, light and will hold up well. I found this one on Amazon and it's just perfect. It's light and airy and softer than most quilts. It was under $50 but the quality is excellent. I got plain white so I can bleach out puppy paw prints but they have other colors. Check it out!

5. A Mosaic of Wings by Kimberly Duffy

This is the most recent book I have read and it was just lovely! It follows a young women after her graduation from Cornell in the late 1800's. Nora is independent and not ready to conform to the expectations of her. Instead, she wants to pursue a career in entomology. She follows her dreams to a research expedition in India and learns a lot about herself, her future and relationships along the way.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Historical Fiction and this was right in my wheelhouse. It beautifully wove a story full of vivid descriptions, deeply woven characters and of course, a love story (I am a sucker for a romance). While I deeply enjoyed this story, I will say it had a few moments in the book that were a little disjointed. Regardless, it is an excellent read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I received this book complimentary from Bethany House Fiction but all opinions are my own.

Have a great weekend!