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What to do over Thanksgiving Break as a Law Student

I feel like I blinked once and Fall is almost over. Where did time go?!? Thanksgiving is next week! Wowzers. What this means is that I only have a few weeks and a lot of turkey and mashed potatoes between me and Fall semester final exams (my first exam is 12/2/18).

I wrote a post not too long ago on my final exam prep during the month leading up to exams. You can read it here. I had a few questions lately about what you should do over Thanksgiving break to get ready for exams so I decided to write up a post about it.

I will start with a disclaimer- everyone is different and everyone studies differently. Take my advice with a grain of salt; what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Read it, use any tips you find useful and do what you need to do to be successful. You know yourself better than anyone so do what is best for you.

Sunday Six 11/11/18

Happy Sunday!

I normally do this on Friday but I had a really busy week and I just ran out of time. So instead of a "Friday Five", I am doing a "Sunday Six" of things I am currently into.

Ohio is currently freezing and experiencing our first snow so I have spent most of my weekend bundled up and cuddling with my hubby and pups. We also took down Halloween decorations, did some Christmas shopping, cleaned our basement and I got one of my outlines up to date. I know, we are really living it up. I have no class tomorrow so it's a 3 day weekend and there is nothing better than that to get rested and prepared for the week ahead.

Fall Fashion from Amazon

Good morning!

Today I am sharing some of my favorite fashion pieces that I have purchased from Amazon. I was skeptical at first to order clothes from Amazon but I have found some amazing deals and fabulous additions to my closet. I tend to be a bit of a fashion enthusiast (or as my husband puts it, a serial shopper with a much too full closet). I love nothing more than finding quality pieces at a good price.

Fall fashion is probably my favorite. I love this season and being able to dress cute without worrying about sweating or needing to bundle up against the cold. I am always looking for some new pieces in the Fall without breaking the bank- enter Amazon. Great deals, adorable pieces and free 2-day shipping with my Amazon Prime account! How can you beat that?!? Here are a few of my favorite pieces I have purchased and worn this Fall.

Law School Q & A

Happy Monday!!

I have seen a few other bloggers do something like this so I thought I would give it a try. I have done quite a few questions and answer sessions on Instagram and they seem pretty popular. But, I know not all of my followers are on Instagram and have not participated in one of my question and answer sessions in Instagram stories. I decided to take all the questions I have gotten and compile them into one big blog post that everyone can see!

The topics of the questions range from LSAT and application concerns to lots of during law school questions and beyond. I am going to sort them into a few Catagories to make it easier to navigate.

I hope this is helpful :)

Friday Five 11/2/18

Happy Friday!

Can you believe it is November already?!?! My cold is almost gone, I turned in the paper I have been working on for 2 weeks and I am done with studying for the day so it's a great Friday at my house! The past month has been crazy busy (which is why I have been pretty non-existent on here). I am so ready for things to slow down just a bit through November before exam season hits with a vengeance.

Now that I have a touch of free time, I can actually catch up on some favorite things to share. Here is my Friday Five!