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Friday Five 8/20/19 / Sunday Six 9/1/19

I have to apologize for the fact that this post is a little late- it should have been published Friday but Google Chrome crashed on my computer and it has taken me a lot of time to get everything back in order. 

Can you believe it's September??? This summer flew by and I can honestly say, I am 100% ready for it to be over. Thanks to the Bar Exam, this was one of my least favorite summers ever. I am ready for Fall and a fresh season without exams looming over my head.

My life has been pretty quiet... I have been enjoying a study free life and getting caught up on everything else in my life.

Last weekend I went to Nashville for a Bachelorette Party which was so fun!

I also got to meet my blogger friend Danielle in real life which was SO fun! Go follow her- she is a sweetheart! 

Saturday night I went to a local Baseball game and had a blast.

Other than that, it's been work, relaxing and enjoying my free time.

I have a few fun favorites for you today; just some things I have been loving lately.

Fall Fashion Finds Under $20

I am fully aware that it is still August... but I cannot tell a lie. I am SO ready for Fall! Growing up I always thought Summer was my favorite season because no school and it meant I would be showing horses every weekend. The older I get, the more I fall in love with Fall. The weather is just right- not to hot, not too cold. I love the coziness of the season. It is the season for many of my favorite things: my favorite scent is fresh apples, I love pumpkin flavored everything and I will take a sweater over a bikini any day.

As another Fall is quickly approaching, I have started grabbing some Fall fashion finds when I see things I like. I am compiling a list of all the things I am loving this season and they are ALL UNDER $20!!!!!

Jumping on the hat trend

I have avoided this but I am finally caving and jumping on the hat trend... or at least trying it out. I found this hat for $16 on Amazon and I think it will be a good piece to decide if this is a trend I can get behind or not.

Walmart is killing the game for flats right now. These are all adorable. I have the same show in different patterns from last season and I LOVE them. I will for sure be picking up a few new prints for the $14.99 price tag.

Buffalo Check 

I LIVE for gingham/buffalo check. I have so much of it and yet I can never get enough. There two little tops are super cute and super soft. For $15, you just can't go wrong.

Waffle Knit Henley 
This top is so cozy and simple. A great piece for layering into a look or wearing just to lounge around. For $8, why not buy every color?!

Walmarts shoe game is on point. These little botties are different and super cute. They are $17.98 and break in like a dream.

Also, these are TO DIE FOR. Holy statement. I'll take 10.
Swing Dress
I LIVE in these dresses year round. They are $12.96 and practically perfect in every way.

The Perfect Stripe
Another perfect layering piece. I love striped tops like this... they give me all the Duchess of Cambridge vibes. $10.94 is a great price point for this simple and classic top.

I am in love. They come in a regular wash and in mustard. Perfect for Fall and just $18.74.

Off the Shoulder
This adorable off shoulder top is just $12 and super cute and cozy for any Fall look.


I Take the Bar Exam Tomorrow

I take the bar exam tomorrow. I am terrified. Everyone keeps saying that I am so prepared and "I got this" when in reality, I feel utterly defeated and like I can never pass this. I know in a few days once the dust settles, I will start to feel normal again but right now... I just pray I do not have to do this again.

Once the bar exam is over and I get home from Hawaii, I will be back to blogging and bring all sorts of new content. But for today, I am watching reruns of Friends, eating lots of Pasta, getting as much sleep as I can, reviewing one or two subjects and hoping that for the next three days, I am minimally competent and test ready.

Here is my schedule for today: 

  • 7am: Wake up, shower, drink coffee 
  • 8:30am: Clean my house so that I don't come home to a mess 
  • 10am: Hair, makeup 
  • 11:00am: Pack the car 
  • 11:30am: Snuggle with my pups for the last time for 2 weeks (we leave for Hawaii on Friday and I won't see them until we get home from vacation) 
  • Noon: Leave for Columbus (the bar exam in Ohio is held a few hours from my hometown) 
  • On the way: Stop and get groceries. I am planning to make my own food because I do not want to chance any food poisoning. 
  • 3:30pm: scope out the testing location 
  • 4pm: check into AirBNB and get settled  
  • 5:30pm: Dinner and a feel-good movie to calm the nerves 
  • 8pm: Get ready for bed, take melatonin and review a few last-minute attack outlines 
  • 9pm: Lights out and hopefully off to sleep. 

Thank you to everyone who has wished me good luck or sent good thoughts. I am touched by all of it and you have no idea how appreciated some simple words are.

Friday Five 7/19/19

Hello friends. I am still alive despite my utter lack of blog posts lately. Despite my best intentions, bar prep has completely taken over my life.

Currently, I am a week and a half out from taking the exam. I am currently a bundle of stress and nerves and my emotions are on a rollercoaster. Regardless of how the exam goes, I know with absolute certainty that I have worked hard and given it my all to prepare.... and that's really all you can do. Outside of bar prep, I currently do absolutely nothing but catch up on sleep and occasionally watch TV when I need a mental break.

In much more exciting news, my husband and I will be in Hawaii in 2 short weeks and I am SO excited. Planning a vacation for immediately after the bar exam was our best idea ever. I have my suitcase fully packed and ready to go and I am so ready to just spend my days on the beach.

And here are my Friday five!

1. The Lion King 
Image result for lion king 2019
The Lion King is my ultimate favorite Disney movie. Growing up I had a Lion Kind bedspread, a giant Simba I slept with, I watched the movie on repeat for weeks on end and can still recite every word. I am so excited about the new live-action. While I know it won't replace or even compare to the original, I think it will be fun to find a new way to fall in love with it again.

2. Holey Moley
Image result for holey moley
So my husband and I started watching this one night because I had a crappy day of bar prep and he had a rough day at work and we just needed something funny and mindless. The show features the most insane mini-golf course ever and people come on and compete American ninja warrior style. It is produced by Steph Curry so of course one of the holes is a basketball court. It is honestly hilarious. Just good, clean fun that leaves you laughing endlessly. I LOVE shows like that. If you need a mindless laugh, definitely check it out.

3. Crisis in the Red Zone 

I have talked before about my adoration for the author Richard Preston. Two of my favorite books of all time are The Hot Zone and Demon in the Freezer. After a long (painful for me) break, he has returned with a new book that is being released July 23. I am SO stinking excited. I have it preordered and I can't wait to dig into it while in Hawaii. If you have never read Richard Preston, I HIGHLY suggest picking up one of his books.

4. Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer 

I have seen RAVE reviews for this hair tool so when it went on sale for amazon prime day, I picked it up. I have thin, fine hair that is lacking in body so I am really hoping this will help to give me some life and volume. I shall report back once I have tried it!

That's all I have today. 

4th of July Outfits

Happy Saturday!

I have been super busy with bar exam prep. It leaves me with almost no time or energy to do anything else.... like blogging. But I got caught up this week and had a little time so here is some fresh new content!

I LOVE the 4th of July. I love this country and I love celebrating it. Every year since we started dating, I have gone to our local country club with his family for their annual BBQ and fireworks. It is always a super fun night full of family and celebration. This year, I am still going thanks to having a free day from bar prep (cue my happy dance!).

I always take great care in my outfit for the 4th. It has to be classy and stylish while also festive and fitting for event. Because we visit the country club on the 4th, I generally opt for a nice sundress or cocktail dress in a shade of blue paired with a bold red lip and a red clutch. Here are a few of my looks from past years:

This year, I am wearing blue and white seersucker. Check out my Instagram later the outfit photo!

I rounded up a few other outfits you can snag last minute for any 4th of July celebration. Everything is stylish, comfy, festive and budget friendly!

For the Low Key Family Get-together 

You can never go wrong with a festive tee and shorts. I picked up this adorable tank from a boutique and you can find something similar in plenty of time for the 4th! My sandals are less than $15 at Walmart.

For the BBQ with Friends 

I always take it up a notch when going to someone else's home. A sweet little sundress like this is just perfect and the bright red is perfect for the 4th! These adorable slides are only $15 at Walmart.

For an Event (Like the Country Club) 

If you are attending an event that is a bit more "dressy", a bright cocktail dress is just the ticket. I picked this up on major sale at J. Crew and I am just in love with it! My heels are old from Target.

The Dress that can Do it ALL!

This is the swiss army knife of summer dresses. It can be dressed down for a simple BBQ or dressed up for an event. It is just so classic and flattering. These adorable wedge heels are $19.99 at Walmart!

Here is a round up of all of these options plus some others!