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I am coming out of blog retirement to announce my newest resource. Though I am graduated and out in the real world, my passion for helping law students succeed has not receded. The past few months, I have poured hours and hours into crafting a selection of helpful, widely adaptable printable. These are all based on my actual materials from law school that helped me to succeed. I have spent time and great care making them pretty, functional and helpful. 

My hope for these printables is that they will provide a loose blue print to helping new law students or a law student struggling a bit to succeed. I want all of you to enjoy law school and find success there. I have included tips, tricks, advice and what worked for me as well as templates for applying those principles to your own law school experience. 

What's available: 

I am selling these printables. I have them priced very reasonably- I remember how it is to be a cash strapped law student so my goal was to make these attainable and not a financial burden. However, I feel very okay with asking for a little financial element for all the hard work I have put into them. They took hours to get just right and my time is valuable. Also, this blog is not free to run and host. I have yearly and monthly fees associated with the domain, hosting and other associated costs that keep The Legal Duchess online. I have offered an unbelievable amount of advice and resources available completely free on this blog. This will be the first item I am selling and the money made off the printables will go right back into maintaining this blog for future law students so it can remain a free resource for a long time to come. 

To those who have followed this journey for a long time, thank you. To those who are new, welcome. Enjoy the new printables!

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