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I am coming out of blog retirement to announce my newest resource. Though I am graduated and out in the real world, my passion for helping law students succeed has not receded. The past few months, I have poured hours and hours into crafting a selection of helpful, widely adaptable printable. These are all based on my actual materials from law school that helped me to succeed. I have spent time and great care making them pretty, functional and helpful. 

My hope for these printables is that they will provide a loose blue print to helping new law students or a law student struggling a bit to succeed. I want all of you to enjoy law school and find success there. I have included tips, tricks, advice and what worked for me as well as templates for applying those principles to your own law school experience. 

What's available: 

I am selling these printables. I have them priced very reasonably- I remember how it is to be a cash strapped law student so my goal was to make these attainable and not a financial burden. However, I feel very okay with asking for a little financial element for all the hard work I have put into them. They took hours to get just right and my time is valuable. Also, this blog is not free to run and host. I have yearly and monthly fees associated with the domain, hosting and other associated costs that keep The Legal Duchess online. I have offered an unbelievable amount of advice and resources available completely free on this blog. This will be the first item I am selling and the money made off the printables will go right back into maintaining this blog for future law students so it can remain a free resource for a long time to come. 

To those who have followed this journey for a long time, thank you. To those who are new, welcome. Enjoy the new printables!

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To New Beginnings

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday!  

Today, I have some bittersweet news. This news comes after months of soul searching and deciding on my next path. I have decided my time blogging as The Legal Duchess has come to an end. I started blogging back when I started law school as a creative outlet and a way to fill a void in the online market as there were very few law school specific bloggers out there at the time. It was so fun to document as I went through that transformative experience and I created so many amazing connections through this blogging experience. After graduating law school and passing the bar exam, I just felt so lacking in inspiration for that blog. As I am sure you have noticed, the blog has been inactive/sporadically active for a long time now. I have been limping along for about a year and a half before finally being ready to make the jump into a full rebrand and launch of my new blog, The Stylish Homestead.

Why the rebrand you ask? The Legal Duchess just didn’t feel like a fit to my life anymore. Yes I am a lawyer and I will always be heavily invested in all things legal but it is not the sole focus of my life anymore… my life does not revolve around law school anymore. Since graduating and passing the bar, it just hasn't felt right to to have my blog focused almost exclusively on law school content. I had been wanting to rebrand for a while but I just wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go. It was not a decision I wanted to make lightly. I have SO many interests and things I love to share but under what blanket should all of that fall? It took me a while to figure it out but I finally landed on homesteading as my overarching theme.

Why homesteading? Because it is what I am currently living and plan to live for the rest of my life. We moved in summer of 2020 to a small farm and immediately jumped into all things homestead. We have chickens and vegetable plants and we are planning to do some major canning next summer. It is no surprise that we have landed here. My husband and have always joked between ourselves that we were born in the wrong century. My husband has always held a deep rooted interest in all things agriculture and I grew up on a farm. All of this meant that they minute we had a little bit of land, we jumped into all things homesteading without a look back. We are thriving on the lifestyle of growing our own food, living close to the land, producing instead of merely consuming, living a simpler life rooted in the ways of the past and surrounding ourselves in nature and animals. Now, I am not spending every day in overalls chasing chickens… I still go to work at my law school and get to be my “lawyer” self for 40 hours a week. I still love fashion and home decor and shopping for deals. I still read voraciously and watch too much TV. This new blog will encompass all the things I am passionate about while remaining rooted in the homestead lifestyle we have so embraced. It feels like a natural transition and I am already feeling so inspired to get creative.

What can you expect over on The Stylish Homestead? As I have already hinted, it will be a little bit of everything. I will share our trials and lessons as we embrace our homesteading adventure. You can expect the occasional recipe for easy meals that fit into everyday life. I will still share my favorite fashion and beauty finds, especially the deals. Budget home decor and organizational content might make an appearance. There will be cute pictures of my 4 dogs, 4 barn cats, more chickens than I can count and of course my horses too. Someday, god willing, there will be some motherhood content too. While there will be a variety of content, it will all be guided by the old fashioned, simple, homestead life we have embraced on our little farm.

For my followers here on The Legal Duchess, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and engaging with me over the last 4.5 years. It has been such a pleasure to connect with law students all around the country and use this platform to help many to be successful or pick themselves back up after a tough semester or a failed bar exam attempt. I will not be deleting The Legal Duchess blog- it will remain here on the internet to help future law students for as long as it is relevant and helpful. Though I will no longer be active here, I will always be happy to answer a question or encourage a law student. 

If you plan to follow me over to my new blog and continue following my rebranding social media, thank you for continuing on this journey with me. If this is where we part ways, please know I hold nothing but gratitude for my followers and I wish you nothing but the best in all that you do. Thank you for this experience and I am so excited for my new beginnings. 

All the best, 

Parent Gift Guide

Happy Friday!! 

Back along when I asked who you were struggling to shop for, parents and in-laws was one of the most popular answers. I agree- this is always a challenge for me too! However, I have done a few gifts over the years that have been a huge hit so I will pass them along to you now!

Small Business Gift Guide

 Happy Black Friday! 

I know today is the day of gift buying and shopping until you drop... though this year it may be happening online more than in store. I love shopping on Black Friday and scoring big deals but I love supporting small businesses more! I have complied a list of small businesses that provide great gifts this holiday season. Please join me in supporting these makers and artisans this holiday. 

For the Ladies

Personalized Dreams & Co.

This business is owned by a friend from college and she makes the CUTEST tumblers, necklaces, keychains and more. These would make perfect gift for the ladies in your life who can always use a new, stylish tumbler or a fun floral necklace. 

She has graciously provided a coupon code just for my followers. Use code THELEGALDUCHESS at checkout for a discount. 

For the Pet Lovers

Gemini Studio

This adorable shop has so many custom items for any pet lover! It is a local shop for me (Northwest Ohio) and they just make the cutest items. I personally love the dog breed mugs and dog breed canvas prints. 

For the Equestrians

Brown Acre Designs

Not sure how many equestrian followers I have but I have to plug my own small business. I offer many custom items for horse lovers and a few dog/cat items as well. Ornaments, stall signs and water bottles make great gifts for any horse lover!

For the Kids

Custom Name Puzzle

Such a cute gift for the kids in your life! Not only is it adorable, it also makes for an enriching toy for a child. 

For the Movie Buff

Window Shop Gal

These TV and movie inspired prints are SO CUTE. The Office, Gilmore Girls, The Notebook... so many options! Perfect for a college apartment or family movie room. Fit into a cost effective poster frame and you have the cutest gift!

Happy Shopping!

Husband/Father/Brother Gift Guide

Christmas is COMING! 2020 is weird but it's also flying by and it's time to start the Christmas shopping. I know this year has been hard for many people. If you are not shopping this year, I respect that and I respect the need to make hard decisions based on your circumstances. Gifts or no gifts, there are so many ways to make the holidays special. For those who are shopping, I was mindful in curating this list in include small businesses as well as large and a variety of price points. 

This gift guide is for the men in your life. I am not sure why, but I always have the hardest time shopping for the men in my life... husband, father, brother, etc. Based on the responses I got when I asked one instastories, this is a common struggle to find the perfect gift for the men in your life! I pulled together a selection of gifts I have gifted to the men in my life in the past with positive reactions from the recipients. I hope you find this helpful and it saves you a little stress this holiday season. Happy Shopping!

Some of these links are affiliate links and by shopping through them, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This little bit of income helps me to continue producing content for you and I am so appreciative of those who shop my links!