Parent Gift Guide

Happy Friday!! 

Back along when I asked who you were struggling to shop for, parents and in-laws was one of the most popular answers. I agree- this is always a challenge for me too! However, I have done a few gifts over the years that have been a huge hit so I will pass them along to you now!

1. Custom mug 

Parents LOVE sentimental items. The first year I was engaged to my now husband and officially felt like I had in-laws, I made my other in law a custom mug with photos of Zac and I and a little note that said "Thank you for raising the man of my dreams". She cried when she opened it and treasures that small item to this day. Gifts don't have to be expensive and if there is thought and love put into them, any parent is guaranteed to love it. 

I order through Shutterfly

2. Subscription Box 

I love to give gifts that keep on giving. Subscription boxes are perfect for this! My in-laws love coffee and this year, I ordered them a coffee subscription box that will deliver unique coffee to them each month. It's something I know they enjoy and I love that it will be a gift they get to have all year long. 

I ordered through CrateJoy

3. An experience 

Is there anything better than simply spending time together with family? I don't think so and I am sure most parents would agree with me. Consider making a gift out of an experience you can do together with your parent. For example, book a spa day for yourself and your mom or a painting DIY evening with your mother in law. Maybe book a morning of golf with your dad. Get creative and create an experience you can enjoy together and make a memory. 

4. Calendar 

Every year, my mom specifically requests a custom desk calendar filled with family photos. It started years ago with the calendar as a surprise and now, she wants one every year. I fill it with photos of the whole family throughout the previous year and she just loves it. Another idea is making a themed calendar- a few years ago mu husband and I watched my in-laws dog for the weekend and spent a whole day taking photographs of the dog dressed up for different holidays. We put it all into a calendar and they lost it when they opened that gift. They still talk about it 3 years later. 

I order from vistaprint or shutterfly.

I know these are simplistic ideas but they are sure to be a hit with the parents this holiday!

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