The Pens Every Young Professional Needs

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As a nerd for life, former law student, and now young professional, I am VERY picky about my writing utensils. I am a huge pen snob, and I am super particular about what pens I use and what pens I prefer. I like smooth writing, clear ink lines, and a pen that is comfy in my hand. Want to know what ticks all my boxes? Zebra Pen. Particularly the Sarasa® Grand Gel Retractable Pen… this beauty is literally my favorite pen ever.

It is comfy to hold, writes amazingly smooth with crisp ink, and dries SO FAST. There is nothing worse than being in a big meeting, frantically scribbling your notes down and having ink that smudges. Not only can you not read that smudged writing later, thus defeating the purpose of taking notes, it usually smudges onto your hand too. Then you get ink on your clothes and look silly with ink stains everywhere. Not only does the Sarasa® Grand pen perform perfectly, it is beautiful to look at! I am very into aesthetic and having a pen that is functional and stylish just makes my heart sing. Check out more information here on how you can Choose Different!

                     Meeting essentials!!

I also love the STEEL G-402® Gel Retractable Pens. I keep these in my work tote at ALL times because you never know when you'll need to jot down quick notes as a young professional. Again, these pens are pretty and functional. I love that they feature a durable steel/metal barrel for demanding situations. I work hard, and I need my pens to keep up with me and not break at an important moment.

The right pen is important to a young professional, especially in the legal field where notes and writing are our bread and butter. I am such a huge fan of Zebra Pen because they are always top of the line, durable, long lasting, and stylish pens that keep up with you in any setting. Inspired to Choose Different and stand out? Use my code "LegalDuchess25" to receive 25% off on Zebra Pen's site!

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