Friday Five 9/20/19

Happy Friday friends!!!

I have been so absent on the blog lately. I have been having major computer issues and my computer finally crashed and died this week. My new one was delivered this week and hopefully now I can get back to a regular posting schedule with a more reliable machine.

I have also been fighting a head cold this week... it seems that my crazy life over the last 6 months finally caught up to me and I finally got sick. I am just so thankful that I wasn't sick during bar prep and the bar exam that I am not even mad about it now.

My job in my law schools admissions office is going really well and I get to start traveling next week which I am super excited for. I also have my house totally decked out for Fall and it makes me SO happy. Full fall home d├ęcor post coming next week hopefully!

Now for my Friday Five:

1. My new computer

Here is the new computer I ordered. It is very basic and simple but that's all I need right now. My first laptop was an ASUS so I am happy to be back with that brand. I really only use my computer for internet surfing, blogging and emails now that I am out of school and I don't need anything fancy. I don't even use the touchscreen and 2-in-1 features of my current computer so I know I didn't need to pay to have those features in a new computer. For less than $215, this computer seemed just right for my current needs and I am loving it so far. Stay tuned for a full review! I also bought an external hard drive to back up everything from my old computer.

2. Mindhunter
My husband and I finished this Netflix show this week and now I can't wait for the next season. While it was very slow to start and took a few episodes to get into, I really enjoyed the show overall. It follows the beginning of the FBI research into Serial Killers and how they interviewed imprisoned killers to gain profiling information. The show is very captivating and interesting if you are into serial killers and find them fascinating.

3. Fly Girls 
My most recent read (actually I listened to it as an audiobook while driving to events) is Fly Girls by Keith O'Brien. This is the story of the early female aviators and their battle for equality in the sky's. It is the story of Amelia Earhart and her fellow aviatrix's such as Ruth Elder, Louise Thaden and Ruth Nichols. As someone who has never been interested in flying and aviation, I have been surprised by how enthralled I am with this book. It is a fascinating piece of history. 

4. DIY Welcome Sign 

I made this adorable DIY welcome sign this week. I have wanted one forever and finally got around to having time to DIY. I bought a simple piece of wood at Lowes, stained it and added vinyl letters that I cut out on my Cricut. I love how it turned out and my porch is so Autumn-y!

5. Instagram Giveaway 
I am doing another monthly giveaway over on my Instagram! I am giving away some cute Fall things so head over to Instagram to enter!

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