Friday Five 9/27/19

Happy Friday!!!

Last weekend, I visited with family and spent some quality time at the barn.

Then, I had a crazy whirlwind week- I was traveling for work and in 5 days, traveled over 17.5 hours in the car by myself. I represented my school at various law school fairs around New York, Ohio and Michigan. I finished a few audiobooks and met lots of awesome people at my various events. However, I am SO happy to be home.

This weekend, my husband and I are traveling to Columbus, OH for a wedding and spending some time with family.

1. Mug Cakes

These are dangerous but SO good. Perfect for those nights where you just need something sweet but don't want to make a full cake or pan of brownies. They are ready in just 2 minutes and are perfect for just one person. My favorite is Chocolate Lovers Cake.

2. Disney +

Disney+ is coming and I am SO excited. It is now available for pre-order. You can also watch trailers for several of the new shows that will be available on the website. I can't WAIT until November 12!!!

3. Yesterday Movie 

This came out in theatres while I was in the trenches of bar prep so I did not see it then. It was released on DVD this past Tuesday and I was SO excited to rent and watch. I am a HUGE Beatles fan and this is such a fun take on their music and the worlds love for it. I found the movie heartwarming and funny on top of great music. Well worth a watch!

4. The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

I listened to this on Audiobook while I was driving this past week and I was pleasantly surprised. I always find historical fiction books based on real people to be hit or miss- sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them. This one I loved! I had no idea that Albert Einstein's first wife was also a Physicist and I found her story utterly fascinating as she made her way through a mans field in a time when women were meant to be wives and mothers and nothing more.

5. Ritual Vitamins

I received Ritual Vitamins in the mail to try this week and I am LOVING them so far. It is a multi-vitamin full of all the good stuff and none of the bad. They taste minty fresh and can be taken with or without food- a plus for me because I tend to take vitamins first thing in the morning before breakfast. Ritual has kindly offered a 10% discount off your first 3 months to my followers: use the promo code ACT-BRANDY when your order!

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