I Take the Bar Exam Tomorrow

I take the bar exam tomorrow. I am terrified. Everyone keeps saying that I am so prepared and "I got this" when in reality, I feel utterly defeated and like I can never pass this. I know in a few days once the dust settles, I will start to feel normal again but right now... I just pray I do not have to do this again.

Once the bar exam is over and I get home from Hawaii, I will be back to blogging and bring all sorts of new content. But for today, I am watching reruns of Friends, eating lots of Pasta, getting as much sleep as I can, reviewing one or two subjects and hoping that for the next three days, I am minimally competent and test ready.

Here is my schedule for today: 

  • 7am: Wake up, shower, drink coffee 
  • 8:30am: Clean my house so that I don't come home to a mess 
  • 10am: Hair, makeup 
  • 11:00am: Pack the car 
  • 11:30am: Snuggle with my pups for the last time for 2 weeks (we leave for Hawaii on Friday and I won't see them until we get home from vacation) 
  • Noon: Leave for Columbus (the bar exam in Ohio is held a few hours from my hometown) 
  • On the way: Stop and get groceries. I am planning to make my own food because I do not want to chance any food poisoning. 
  • 3:30pm: scope out the testing location 
  • 4pm: check into AirBNB and get settled  
  • 5:30pm: Dinner and a feel-good movie to calm the nerves 
  • 8pm: Get ready for bed, take melatonin and review a few last-minute attack outlines 
  • 9pm: Lights out and hopefully off to sleep. 

Thank you to everyone who has wished me good luck or sent good thoughts. I am touched by all of it and you have no idea how appreciated some simple words are.

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