Friday Five 7/19/19

Hello friends. I am still alive despite my utter lack of blog posts lately. Despite my best intentions, bar prep has completely taken over my life.

Currently, I am a week and a half out from taking the exam. I am currently a bundle of stress and nerves and my emotions are on a rollercoaster. Regardless of how the exam goes, I know with absolute certainty that I have worked hard and given it my all to prepare.... and that's really all you can do. Outside of bar prep, I currently do absolutely nothing but catch up on sleep and occasionally watch TV when I need a mental break.

In much more exciting news, my husband and I will be in Hawaii in 2 short weeks and I am SO excited. Planning a vacation for immediately after the bar exam was our best idea ever. I have my suitcase fully packed and ready to go and I am so ready to just spend my days on the beach.

And here are my Friday five!

1. The Lion King 
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The Lion King is my ultimate favorite Disney movie. Growing up I had a Lion Kind bedspread, a giant Simba I slept with, I watched the movie on repeat for weeks on end and can still recite every word. I am so excited about the new live-action. While I know it won't replace or even compare to the original, I think it will be fun to find a new way to fall in love with it again.

2. Holey Moley
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So my husband and I started watching this one night because I had a crappy day of bar prep and he had a rough day at work and we just needed something funny and mindless. The show features the most insane mini-golf course ever and people come on and compete American ninja warrior style. It is produced by Steph Curry so of course one of the holes is a basketball court. It is honestly hilarious. Just good, clean fun that leaves you laughing endlessly. I LOVE shows like that. If you need a mindless laugh, definitely check it out.

3. Crisis in the Red Zone 

I have talked before about my adoration for the author Richard Preston. Two of my favorite books of all time are The Hot Zone and Demon in the Freezer. After a long (painful for me) break, he has returned with a new book that is being released July 23. I am SO stinking excited. I have it preordered and I can't wait to dig into it while in Hawaii. If you have never read Richard Preston, I HIGHLY suggest picking up one of his books.

4. Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer 

I have seen RAVE reviews for this hair tool so when it went on sale for amazon prime day, I picked it up. I have thin, fine hair that is lacking in body so I am really hoping this will help to give me some life and volume. I shall report back once I have tried it!

That's all I have today. 

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