The 7 Products You Can't Survive Bar Prep Without

Happy Thursday friends!

I am taking a little study break to bring you a blog post about studying. If you don't know, I am currently studying for the Ohio Bar Exam. This means I study 7-8 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is not the most fun  I have ever had but I am trucking along and getting it done.

My post today is full of the products that are absolutely helping me survive this time in my life.

1. Book Stand

This puppy helped me survive law school too and I am more thankful than ever for it. I prop up my outline books when making notecards, attack outlines, etc. It saves my neck by limiting the time I spend with my neck bent down.

2. Laptop Riser

I bought this specifically for bar prep and it is a lifesaver. It adjusts to lift the laptop up to eye level while sitting or to a standing level as well. It is so helpful for limiting my neck bending and helps me avoid headaches.

3. Lapdesk 

I like to get away from my desk and study on the couch or bed. It helps me to change up my location. My lap desk is a must-have for couch and bed studying.

4. Water Cup 

I use this specific water cup (or something very similar) constantly while bar prepping. I am currently consuming around 90oz. of water per day so this is a must.

5. To Do List Pad 

I love having everything planned out on a to-do list and I keep this pad on my desk at all times. It helps to ease my anxiety about all the things I have to do during busy times in my life.

6. B12 Gummies 


I am a big vitamin girl. My grandma has always preached the importance of vitamins and the older I get, the more I listen to her about. Vitamin B12 is a natural way to get an energy boost. I usually pop 2 gummies around 1pm when my energy level is falling.

7. All the Flashcards


I am a flashcard studier so this 1000 pack was necessary.

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