My Post-Law School Job Search

Happy Thursday!

I have had a few requests to share some about my job search now that I have graduated law school. This is going to be short and sweet.

I have planned on becoming a criminal prosecutor since my second semester of law school. It is something I am truly passionate about and I feel driven to pursue. I have now graduated with a concentration in criminal law and I am currently studying for the Ohio bar exam.

My job search plan is a little different than most. I am not pursuing job applications until after the bar exam (unless the absolute perfect opportunity presents itself). This is because the jobs that I want to apply for 1) almost exclusively hire licensed lawyers who have passed the bar exam already and 2) have a high turnover rate in my area.

I have a position set up for after the bar already so I technically have employment lined up post-bar. I will be a recruiting ambassador for my law school admissions office from August-November. I will travel on behalf of the law school to recruit students and spread the word about the fabulous little law school I graduated from. Having this position lined up has taken away a lot of my job search stress because it covers the time where I would have had nothing. After bar results come in, I will know how to proceed from there.

After my temporary position in admissions ends and bar results are released, I will hopefully find a criminal law position soon after. If it takes a little longer to find a job, I am okay with that. I am blessed to have a husband who had a good job and provides for our little family. I make a small income from a few side-hustles (this blog, running social media for a local company and a small Etsy store). I have absolutely no student loans from undergrad nor law school. If it takes me a month or two to find a job I will enjoy and find fulfillment it, it is okay. I will allow myself to be a little picky and not just take the first job that comes along.

This plan and my opinions are probably contrary to what people generally think a job search should look like and what the legal field preaches but it is my plan, it fits with my life and that's what really matters.

*****More important news than my nonexistent job search***********

Today is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. This was the day that changed the projection of World War 2 and because of that, the world we live in today. This was the day of the largest scale aquatic invasion in history as well as one of the most daring endeavors of all time.

We remember D-Day now and forever as a day where young men put aside differences, opinions, pride, fear, and consideration for their own mortality to storm the beaches of Normandy and do their part to vanquish one of the greatest evils our world has ever known. Today, we must remember and honor those men for their bravery, perseverance and for many, ultimate sacrifice, and gave us a better world. It may not be a perfect world, but it is a better world.

Thank a veteran today. 
Thank the greatest generation today. 
Remember our history today. 
Lest we forget it, we shall repeat it. 

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