Friday Five 3/1/19

Happy Friday! Can you believe it is MARCH already?!?!?! This year is flying by!

My week was pretty uneventful. It was the last week of classes before spring break so mostly I was just getting by and waiting for it to be over. Today I am driving out to Chicago to go bridesmaid dress shopping for one of my best friends weddings and to just have a fun weekend with friends. After that, I will be on spring break and I am looking forward to a break and getting a headstart on my to-do list.

Heres some snapshots from my week:
Can you ever go wrong with a classic blazer? The answer is no. 
My pups love each other so much!

Ran into this cutie at the law school... totally made my Wednesday!
Now for my Friday Five:

1. Robin Hood
My husband and I watched this movie over the weekend and it was super entertaining. I would not call it historically accurate or very "fairytale" but it was action packed and entertaining and we really enjoyed it!
Image result for robin hood 2018

2. Rocketman
Because I am on a Taron Egerton kick, how amazing does this movie about Elton John's life look??? I LOVE me some Elton John and I am so excited for another biopic about one of the greatest musicians of all time.

Also, can we just pause and appreciate the fact that Taron Egerton can freaking sing???? and just when I thought he couldn't get more attractive...

3. Poshmark

I am in the middle of a HUGE closet purge and everything is going on Poshmark at really good prices and there are some quality brands in there. Feel free to check out my closet here:

If you have not signed up for Poshmark, follow this link to get $5 of FREE SPENDING MONEY in the app!! Sign up with the code BRANDYB1035 to get your $5!!!

4. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

The March pick for A Novel Idea Online Book Club is Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. This book has been SO popular and I am so excited to dive into it over spring break!

5. Super Secret Project Help
Some of you may have seen and answered this on Instagram but if you have not yet, I would truly appreciate any and all responses. I am working on a secret project and I am trying to gather input from a wide variety of people in the legal field. If you have time to respond, please either comment on this post or if you want to keep it private, send me an email through the email function on the side of my blog. Thank you to all who have taken/will take the time to respond!!!! 

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