Introducing A Novel Idea Online Book Club

One of my resolutions for 2019 is to read more for fun. I am never at a loss for reading to do (after all I am in law school), but I really miss reading for fun. I have always been a HUGE reader... Like, finish a 900-page book in less than 12 hours type of reader. In middle school, I would get in trouble for reading my books under my desk in math class and my parents once took my bedside lamp out of my room because I stayed up reading too late.

My resolution for 2019 is to read 25 books. I wish it were a higher number but with finishing law school and studying for/taking the bar exam, I wanted to make a manageable goal. Book clubs have always intrigued me but I have never found a group of people to join one with.

In early December, I was talking to a blogger friend, Danielle from the Love Danielle Blog, about our shared love of reading. As two fervent book lovers who live too far apart to host a typical in-person Book Club together, we randomly decided to host one online for ourselves and anyone else looking to read good books, discuss them with others and make some new friends along the way. Hence, A Novel Idea Online Book Club was born.

Our online book club kicked off this January. Danielle chose our January book: Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan. We started reading on January 1, 2019 and will be discussing the book later this month.

This book has excellent reviews and has been a #1 Amazon bestseller. It is being adapted as a movie that will star Tom Holland as the stories hero, Pino Lella, an Italian teenager who unexpectantly becomes a part of the resistance against the Axis powers and a spy in the German military. This is a triumphant true story of a forgotten hero in one of history's darkest hours.

I am so excited about this book because I LOVE WW2 history. It is by far my favorite period to learn about and read about. However, I know the least about the Italian theater of the war so this book will be very educational for me on that front.

Our plan for the book club is:

  • There will be a book chosen at the beginning of each month
    • We have no specific genre. We are just picking books we think are interesting and are always open to suggestions or ideas. 
  • We will have a private discussion board for members of the Book Club to discuss, compare opinions and get to know each other. This will be hosted on GoodReads and the link to our group is here: A Novel Idea Online Book Club 
  • We will also be having some guest bloggers to choose the book of the month and moderate the discussions to shake things up

If you are interested in joining the Book Club (everyone is welcome!), please follow this link to sign up for the email list:

If you are already a part of the club, make sure to share on social media as you read so we can keep up with each other! Tag Danielle or I on social media or use the hashtags #ANIbookclub #readingwithANI

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Danielle or myself. We are so excited to have about this journey!


  1. Hey, I am a new reader. I just stumbled across this the other day when I found your best planner for law school post. I also would get in trouble for reading during class. I would even read while at dinner with my family (I may still do this every once in a while...). I am already in two book clubs with large books this month (Game of Thrones and a Brandon Sanderson) but I would be interested in reading with you next month!