Friday Five 1/4/19


It's the first Friday of 2019- how exciting is that?!

My week was super chill. I hung out with my hubby, cuddled with my pups, slept in, did some projects around the house, started on my reading for the first week of Spring classes and tried my best to soak up the final days of Christmas break. I got all but one of my Fall semester grades back and I was very pleased. It was a solid semester and my GPA went up a bit. I am feeling good and ready to take on this last semester.

My 25th birthday is on Sunday and I go back to school for the final semester of my academic career on Monday. Today, I am talking about a few of my favorite things from this week.

1. Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan

I started reading this on 1/1/19 as a part of the online book club I helped start. (More about the Book Club here). This book is SO good. I finished it last night. I would highly recommend it and I can't wait to discuss it will my book club later this month!

2. After Christmas Clearance
I did some shopping this week and holy crap is the clearance good! I went to Target, TJ Maxx and Walmart and seriously I got so much good stuff. So this is just a friendly PSA that now is the time to look through the clearance racks at your favorite stores and see what deals you can steal!

3. High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco

I have decided that this is my mantra for 2019. I have some big stuff coming up: graduating law school, studying for, taking and *hopefully* passing the bar exam and finding a job as a lawyer. I will be playing this on repeat for the next 12 months.

(Also, let's just appreciate how strong Panic! at the Disco came back. I loved them when I was in middle school and I am loving them now.)

4. Dedicate Yoga Challenge

I have been doing Yoga with Adrienne since college and I love it. I can do it at home, in my own time and at my own pace. Her videos are awesome and 100% free. She kicked off a 30 day challenge for the new year and I am joining in. It is called Dedicate.

5. #SimplicityChallenge2019

#SimplicityChallenge2019 No. 2 of 30: The trick here is to do this QUICKLY. This shouldn't take you long. As you remove things from your fridge, check their expiration dates. Either set it on the counter (keep) or toss it in a trash bag (make a trash pile to make it go quicker). #ASimplifiedLife is attainable. Post a 🍍 here once you’ve done it! ✨ Join us this month for our annual Simplicity Challenge. 1 step every day for 30 days. Each takes 15 minutes or less! | For more tips on simplifying and decluttering, get your copy of @EmilyLey's book, A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living, at the link in our profile. ❤️ P.S. Don't have your 2019 Signature Simplified Planner yet? It's not too late! Click the link in our profile to get yours for 20% off with code GETREADY. ✨
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I noticed this on a friends Instagram stories and I thought it seemed like a quick and easy thing to do to kick off the new year. I joined in on day 2! Basically, there is a challenge each day to help simplify your life. They are simple and quick like clean your fridge or organize your nightstand.

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