Book Review of The Dinner List by Rebecca Searle

Happy Monday!!

Today is book club discussion day!!!! February FLEW by! It's month two in the online book club I started with Danielle and so far it has been super fun!

This month we read The Dinner List by Rebecca Searle. We will be discussing the book on our Good Reads Group Discussion Board today but I am sharing more of my personal thoughts on the book here.

Full honesty, this book was not something I would normally choose to read. I tend to gravitate toward historical fiction or historical non-fiction books. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it. The beauty of doing a book club like this is that it pushes you outside of your reading comfort zone!

The main concept of the book is the age-old idea of which five people would you choose to have dinner with if you could choose anyone, living or dead? The main character, Sabrina, arrives at her thirtieth birthday dinner to find a group of people she was not expecting. She thought she was just meeting her best friend for dinner but the table also features her favorite college professor, her ex-boyfriend and the legendary Audrey Hepburn. The eclectic group prompts an interesting discussion and a lot of reflection for Sabrina.

When the book started, I thought I could anticipate what was going to happen but it threw some major curveballs. It got a lot deeper than I anticipated (I thought it would be a light, fun, romantic read) and it had a sad but sweet ending.

My overall thoughts on this book are that it is a good read. It presents an interesting concept and has some interesting characters but I just felt that it all rang through a little hollow. It felt like there needed to be something more. I did find it entertaining and it was enjoyable to read but I can't say that I absolutely loved it.

My favorite thing about it was that it prompted me to think about my own "dinner list" and who I would choose. So here is my list of 5 people from history I would like to have dinner with:

  • Winston Churchill 
  • My great, great uncle who died in the sinking of the Titanic, Charles Chitty
  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge 
  • Princess Diana of Wales 
  • Nancy Wake 
(If I could make it 6, I would add Sophie Scholl to the list)

Overall, I give the book 4 out of 5 stars. 

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For more information on the online book club Danielle and I are hosting, see this post:

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