A Gift Guide for the Dog Mom

Happy Sunday!

Since it is the second Sunday of December, I am continuing my gift guide series! The first installment, A Gift Guide for Law Students, came out last Sunday.

Today I am talking all about gifts for the dog mom friend. Millennials are quite well known for being obsessed with our fur-babies (See this article). As a very proud dog mom myself, I love getting gifts that celebrate that. I have three of the sweetest pups in the world and our life revolves around them.
Here are my fur-babies:
Gracie, our Golden Retriever; Garth, our Toy Australian Shepherd; and Annie, our rescue Mutt (left-right)

1. Dog Mom Mug
Give your friend something to drink her coffee out of and remind her about her most important role: as a dog mom!


2. Cute Picture Frame
Perfect to put on a work desk or to decorate her home.... because dogs DO make life better!

3. Cute Magnets
I am a crazy dog mom so I have three of these on the back of my car ("I love my Aussie", "I love my Golden" and "I love my Rescue"). Get your dog mom friend one for her specific breed or rescue pup or they even make some that just say "dog mom".  Then the whole world will know where her priorities are!


4. A Shirt that Speaks the Truth 
I have a few of these... every dog mom needs a shirt that says so!


5. Matching Bracelet and Collar 
I think this is the most extra thing I have ever seen but I LOVE it!! You can get your dog mom friend a matching bracelet to their dog's collar. BFF goals!

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