Friday Five 12/14/18

Happy Friday!!!!

I am finally done with my Fall semester!!!!! Only one more semester stands between me and graduation!

My week was pretty full of studying as I tried to stay motivated until the bitter end. As soon as my finals were over, I started baking Christmas cookies, wrapping presents and catching up on the Hallmark Christmas movies on my DVR. I also got my Christmas cards in the mail which was a big thing to cross off the to-do list. Tonight I am going to a Christmas party with all of my law school friends and this weekend I am finishing last minute Christmas shopping and relaxing after two crazy weeks of final exams. Here are a few snapshots from my week:

Started reading this on Wednesday! So far so good!

I make homemade hot cocoa mix every year and since Thursday was National Hot Cocoa Day, we had to celebrate. 

Cutest golden reindeer you ever did see!
Now here are a few of my favorite things from this week:

1. Book Club

My Blogger friend Danielle (from Love Danielle) and I have decided to start an online book club! We both love reading and unfortunately live too far away to do an in-person book club. We are invited all book lovers to join us.

Basically, there will be a book chosen at the beginning of each month. We will have a private discussion board for members of the Book Club to discuss, compare opinions and get to know each other. We will also choose one day at the end of the month to be "book club day" where we can all pretend we are sitting at a coffee shop together discussing the book. We will also be having some guest bloggers to choose the book of the month and moderate the discussions to shake things up

We are kicking it off January 1, 2019 and I am so excited! I think it will be so fun! For more details and to join check out this link:

2. Single Parents
Image result for single parents
So I accidentally started watching this Wednesday night and I died laughing! It is such a cute, fun show. I highly suggest it! I binged the whole first season yesterday.  It plays on ABC and will be returning in the Spring.

3. Formulate Hair Care

I am doing a collaboration with Formulate and I am so excited about it! Formulate is a customized hair care company and they make shampoo and conditioner that is specific to your needs. I got my first box in the mail this week and I am pretty excited so far.  More details coming soon.

4. The Christmas Chronicles 
Image result for christmas chronicles
My husband and I made a pack to watch at least one Christmas movie each night from now until Christmas. So, we watched this last night and it was adorable. My vote for cutest Christmas movie reindeer ever! Also, Kurt Russell as Santa? I am here for that. That man ages like fine wine.

5. I'm tired
So this week is just going to be a Friday Four because I am tired and my brain is mush after 2 weeks of law school exams. Next week we will return to the regularly scheduled programming.

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