Friday Five 8/21/20

Happy Friday! 

Life has been hectic lately. We are still super busy whipping our new little farm into shape: we adopted 4 rescue kittens, we have 8 chickens, we are clearing and fencing a new area for horses, we completely redid our barn and we've been painting and decorating the house in between. On top of that, I started back working in the office full time at the beginning of August which changed up the rhythm as well. So needless to say, blogging has continued to be a backseat project along with many other things. 

I do not have much new to report outside of that. My life has been pretty boring but in the best possible way. We are loving our space and land. It has been so fulfilling to work hard on our property and see it transforming before our eyes. My soul is happier to finally be back in the country and back to my farm girl roots. 

The stalls we built by hand in our little barn! It was a lot of hard work but I am so proud of our efforts
View of deer right out of my kitchen window. I love being in the country!

Our new kitten Goose (yes that is a Top Gun reference)
Goose is very helpful in all farm things. He double checks all our measurements!

1. Community Watch Community Season 1 | Prime Video

I started watching this a few weeks back. I don't have time to watch much TV lately but I wanted something easy and fun I could watch while cooking dinner or folding laundry. I am enjoying it way more than I expected to. It's dumb humor, similar to The Office or Parks & Rec, but it's a perfect short episode that will leave you laughing. If I were still in law school, it would be something I would play while outlining. You can watch on Netflix!

2. New Favorite CC Cream

This was a recent addition to my daily routine and I am LOVING it. I previously used the IT Cosmetics full coverage CC cream but it was just too heavy for what I am wanting right now. This Supergoop CC Cream is light weight with just enough coverage to even my skin out, doesn't dry my skin out and holds up pretty well through the day even with my oily skin and having a mask on and off. It has a decent sunscreen level for when I am indoors and at work in my cube with no windows (I wear a high SPF when I will be outside all day or next to a window). 

3. Reading Lately

I have been burning through books lately. I usually have one audiobook going and one I am reading traditionally. Here are a few favorites I have read lately: 

4. Office Must's 
Most do not know this but I have a mild case of scoliosis. My back twists into a "C" and it makes sitting for long periods very hard on my shoulders and hips as I am never truly straight up and down due to the curvature. Working in the office and spending 8 hours a day at my desk has been rough on me these last few weeks. I have found a few tricks that help though. Specifically, two items that make a huge difference. 

This back rest helps to push me into a more upright sitting position and keeps my posture more correct which eases my neck and shoulder pain. 

This foot rest helps with my hips a ton. I like to have my chair higher so I can type easier (I have a very short torso) but then my legs end up hanging too much. This little foot rest brings my legs into proper position by bringing my feet up a few inches. 

I have been using this in my coffee every day since about February and the amount of hair growth I have is insane. I have baby hairs growing in like crazy which is awesome because I have naturally very thin hair and I am always worried about hair loss. I also notice generally clearer skin and my nails are stronger. It is so simple to add to my daily routine by just adding a scoop to my morning coffee. It has no flavor and blends right in. You can't go too wrong with this friends! Check it out for sure!

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