My Visit to Essential Skincare (Toledo, OH)

Today's post is geared toward my local Northwest Ohio folks. In February, I made my first visit to Essential Skincare in Sylvania, OH. I have never been to an Esthetician's office prior to this visit and I have to say, Janna was an absolute pleasure and my made first visit simply wonderful.

A little about Essential Skincare
Janna is an experienced esthetician with over 10 years of experience. She owns and operates Essential Skincare out of a lovely office in Sylvania, OH (just a touch north of the heart of Toledo).

My Visit
I visited in mid-February. I had never had a facial prior to this so I went in without a clear plan. Janna was so welcoming and spent a good amount of time at the beginning of my visit determining my skin care concerns, what my skin needed and what would work best for me moving forward. She helped me to understand some of the issues I was seeing in my skin, such as hormonal acne and dullness from lack of water intake.

Once she had determined my skin concerns (acne, oil and dullness), she suggested a treatment plan. I went with a full dermaplane and an Oxygen Facial plus a bit of high frequency treatment on my acne spots.

About Dermaplaning
Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation that removes peach fuzz/baby hairs and dead skin from the face with a sharp blade. It creates a clean surface for maximum effect of your facial service as well as providing a smooth, perfect surface for makeup application. 

About the Oxygen Facial 
When oxygen is present on the skin, bacteria cannot exist. This facial applies oxygen to the skin and results include decreased redness, brightening, tightening and reduced inflammation. 

About High Frequency Treatment
High Frequency treatment was actually invented by Nikola Tesla in the 1800's. Today, it is used to kill bacteria in particular areas and heal acne prone skin. 

Once we had settled on the treatment plan, I got comfy in the heated bed and Janna got to work on my face. She started out with the dermaplane. This was 100% painless and honestly was very relaxing. Janna is very sweet and easy to talk to so she makes you feel very comfortable during your visit. My skin was so soft and smooth after the dermaplane.

After the dermaplane, Janna applied steam and did a short facial massage. Honestly I think this was my favorite part of the whole visit.

Next up was the Oxygen facial. This was again completely painless. There was some tingling and tightening feeling but nothing that really bothered me at all. Afterward, my skin felt even smoother and I could see how much brighter it was immediately after.

Oxygen Facial

Janna applied the High Frequency last to the inflamed acne spots I had on the day. This just caused a little tingle and no pain whatsoever. 

High Frequency Treatment

We finished up the appointment with a strong moisturizer application and another short facial massage. 

For never having had a facial before this, I did not know what to expect. Janna made the experience absolutely painless and completely relaxing. I genuinely enjoyed her company and it was just a wonderful appointment. 

She suggested some skin care products changes to pinpoint my specific concerns and helped me to make a plan moving forward.

My before and after from this one treatment session!!

Unfortunately, COVID-19 interrupted the plans I had to return for follow up appointments with Janna. I plan to return to her treatment room as soon as it is safe to do so! It is so important to invest in your skin at a young age to make sure it stays strong long term. 

During the time of Social Distancing, Janna is offering virtual appointments and at home facial kits to be delivered to your home. I love that she is being flexible and making the best this situation. 

I cannot suggest Janna at Essential Skincare enough. I absolutely love that she is a small business owner and I love being able to support that type of business. Not to mention, she is fantastic at what she does!! 

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