Friday Five 4/10/2020

Happy Friday friends!

I hope that everyone is safe and healthy! Now that we are a few weeks into this new temporary reality, I know it has been easier for me. I have a routine and a schedule figured out now. It has also been amazing for my mood to have some warm, sunny days.

My Friday Five is pretty TV heavy today as I have been watching a lot of TV lately. I figured most everyone is in the same boat so I wanted to pass along some recommendations.

1. Tiger King

If you haven't heard of Tiger King, you must have been living under a rock for the last few weeks. I watched and I have almost no words. This took me on an adventure I didn't even know I wanted to go on. It was the most outrageously amazing and confusing thing I have ever watched. No level of crazy is out of reach for these people. There is no question- you must watch it. Buckle up and let it take you for a wild ride. Word on the street is that another episode is coming soon as well!

2. Prodigal Son

If you like crime shows and serial killers, this is for you! I don't want to give anything away so I am not going to say anything more than go watch it!

3. World On Fire

This new PBS show is super intense. It takes place during the very beginning of WW2 in both Poland, Berlin and England. I am truly obsessed with WW2 so of course I love it but my husband, who usually hates history, actually liked this show as well. It airs Sunday's on PBS.

4. Homemade Facemasks
Per the CDC, we should all be wearing fabric facemasks while in public. I have been sewing them in all my spare time for family and friends. The CDC website has information on how to sew handmade masks as well as no sew options. Stay safe friends!

5. I started a Podcast

I have been thinking about this for about 6 months now and with the extra spare time due to social distancing, I was able to make it happen. My podcast explores stories of famous horses in history and the role of horses in historical moments. I am a lifelong equestrian and horse lover and I have a degree in history as well as a love for it. This podcast seemed like the perfect way to combine my passions into something interesting and enjoyable for a wide audience. If you want to check it out, the links are below!

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