Friday Five 12/27/19

Happy Holidays!

To those who celebrate this season, I hope you had lovely celebrations with family and friends. To those who don't celebrate, I hope you enjoyed the unusually warm December days!

I had a wonderful holiday with family despite a nasty cold taking my voice and most of my energy.

We recently had a little Disney getaway and that was so fun.

1. Relative Insanity 

I purchased this for my mom for Christmas, we played it and it was a HIT! Everyone had a blast- from my 85 year old grandparents, to my parents and my husband and I. It was created by country comedian Jeff Foxworthy (who is a favorite of mine). He said he wanted a game that the whole family could enjoy in the spirit of Cards Against Humanity. It is less vulgar/dirty (aka you can play it with your parents without blushing) but just as funny and enjoyable. Seriously a perfect game to have on hand to enjoy with any group of people!

2. The Witcher 

This new series on Netflix comes with great hype and so far it is interesting. We are only 2 episodes in but so far we are enthralled. It is super well done. I am excited to watch further!

3. Brittany Runs a Marathon

This movie is just awesome. It is about a women who is a bit lost in life who up and decides to run the NYC marathon. Along the way, she finds friends, love and herself. It was so heartwarming and uplifting and makes me want to go jump on the treadmill! I love the message of how a small change can impact your whole life.

4. Hulu Live 

About a month ago, we canceled Dish and went all in with Hulu Live for our TV service. Thus far, I really have no complaints. We get everything we want to watch, we have DVR, we have access to Hulu things and we save over $50 per month. I don't think you can go wrong!!

5. Royal Wedding Series by Rachel Hauck

I read the first book in this series, Once Upon a Prince, a few years ago and loved it. I finished the remaining books in the series in the last 5 days and loved everyone. These are basically Hallmark movies in book form- full of love, fluff, happiness, princes, baking and all things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. There is also a lot of reality- they deal with some big, nasty issues in those pages. It is a faith based series but I found the stories perfectly woven together. I highly recommend if you are looking for a heartwarming read!

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