Gift Guide for a Law Student

I know it's still November but it is already gift giving season. I know I am already half-way done with my Christmas shopping for the year. To help, I am going to do a series of gift guides.

Today I am sharing a gift guide for law students. As a former law student, I have a pretty good idea of what law students want/need/use. I hope this is helpful to you as you shop for a law student in your life!

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1. Gift Cards
Law school is expensive and you aren't allowed to have a job until after 1L year. Therefore, law students tend to be poor. You can never go wrong with gifting your law student some gift cards so they can treat themselves to a meal, coffee or a TJ Maxx shopping spree. You likely know what they like so get them gift cards to those places and I assure you, they will be appreciative!

2. Self-Care Items


Face masks, lotion, bubble bath- whatever floats their boat. Law school is hard and extremely stressful. Encourage your law student to treat themselves with a gift of self-care items. Maybe make up a little gift box of variety face masks or bath bombs. Maybe do a collection of coffees and teas. Any sort of item that shows you are thinking of them and you want them to take a moment to themselves will be much appreciated by any stressed law student.

3. Professional Tote/Bag
Every law student is on their way into the professional world. They will likely have internships, jobs, interviews, clinics, etc. that get them started as professionals while in law school. Thus, a professional tote is a great gift idea. and something they might not be willing to splurge on for themselves. I have linked some mens and womens styles below that would make perfect law student gifts.



4. Professional Coat
In the same thread is the professional tote/bag, a professional coat is a great idea if they live in a colder climate. You can't go to wrong with a dark, wool coat for any law student- they will surely make use of it over their suit at some point. I have linked some mens and womens styles below.




5. Water Bottle
Law students tend to always have a water bottle for class. Get them a fun one that goes along with their career path... the Moot Court member obviously needs a water bottle that says "May it Please the Court". I sell these cute ones in my etsy shop!
Buy this bottle here

Buy this bottle here

6. Coffee Mug
(Most) law students drink a lot of coffee. They would love this cute Elle Woods inspired coffee mug from my etsy shop! Or one that reminds them of what fuels their legal education- coffee!
Buy this mug here

Buy this mug here

7. Event Tickets
One thing I always loved in law school was having something to look forward to when in the trenches of tough school work. A concert, musical or trip always makes life better because it is something to look forward to- a light at the end of the tunnel per se. Find a concert your law student would love and get them tickets. Gift them an experience and maybe you can even enjoy it together!

8. Cozy Blanket

A cozy blanket is always a good gift and will always be appreciated and I am prepared to fight that sentiment to the death. Long study sessions and drafty study rooms = a blanket is a great gift.

9. Laptop Riser 

Law students spend a LOT of time on their computer. Save their neck and their sanity with a laptop riser that will bring their laptop up to an easier viewing height. I did not get one of these until bar prep and I kicked myself for not having it in law school. It is life changing. This is the one I have and I love it... your law student will too!

10. Book Stand 

Same idea here as with the laptop- a book stand will get the books up to a better height and save the neck. I had one all through law school and it is amazing. Your law student will not be disappointed to have one!

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