Friday Five 11/15/19

Happy Friday friends!! 

A few exciting things this week. The photos from my best friends wedding were released and I am obsessed. It was such a beautiful day and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it (I was a bridesmaid and my husband was a groomsman). I love love!

Winter came in with a vengeance this week. We had 3 inches of snow and temperature in the teens. I don't generally mind winter but it does seem to be here a little too early this year. Good thing I have lots of cozy hats and jackets.

1. Modern Love

This series just came out on Amazon Prime and it was honestly so good. Each episode has it's own little storyline and they are just so heartwarming. My husband and I binged through them in 2 days. I cannot suggest this enough.

2. Headphones

I am trying desperately to get back to working out... I have not been motivated and I have been fighting a cold so it has been a struggle. I knew that when I got back to working out, I was in need of new, wireless headphones. This pair was recommended by another blogger (check out @themommymd because she is adorable and se fun to follow and has great recommendations!) and they are great! They stay on your ears really well and have a supper long battery life.

3. MVMT Watch

Full disclosure, I received this watch for free as a sponsored item to see if I liked it enough to share with my followers- I LOVE IT! Honestly this is the best watch I have ever tried. It is the only watch that has ever actually fit my tiny wrist without being shortened at a jeweler. It is beautiful and I am just so excited to wear it to all of my professional events. I cannot recommend a MVMT watch enough. A new watch would make the perfect Christmas gift and you can get 15% off your order with my code THELEGALDUCHESS at checkout at

4. Mellanni Bed Sheets

So these $29 sheets had me skeptical but.... THEY ARE AMAZING. They are soft, silky, wash nicely... and they are under $30!!!!! Buy yourself a set, your mom a set, your mailman a set... for this price and for this quality you simply cannot go wrong!

5. Disney+

Guys. This is so fun. Literally my whole entire childhood is available on one streaming service.... The Lion King, Hannah Montana, Cadet Kelly... its SO GOOD. Honestly, for the price you are getting SO MUCH CONTENT and I think it is absolutely worth it.

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