The In Between

I have named this season of my life the "in between".... and I hate it. I am currently sitting in an airport to fly to another law school recruiting event on behalf of my law school. I am doing a seasonal job while I await my bar results and I honestly love the traveling and what I am doing. However, the rest of my life just feels like a hot mess. I can't make any long term plans because I do not have bar exam results yet. I can't get a secure job until I have results. I don't know what my next 6 months looks like. I have a mind full of ideas and ambitions and no motivation to follow through with them.

I keep having little mini panic attacks over the disaster my life currently feels like. I realize that I really don't have it that bad: I have a job for the time being, I have a wonderful family and great friends, I have a house and three dogs, I have free time and no homework for the first time in my life.... but I just feel so lost and without direction.

I had so many plans for these few months of "freedom" before bar results and hopefully starting a full time job soon after. I was going to blog like crazy and start writing a book and do house projects and run a 5K.... I have done a fraction of what I hoped to do because I am just in such a funk without direction.

So what I am going to do about it? I am going to stop whining and start doing. I typed the first chapter of my book this morning. I worked out last night finally. My husband and I booked a dream vacation for next spring regardless of what is going on in our life.

Life gets weird sometimes. Sometimes it really sucks. Sometimes you get really lost. Keep moving forward and just do something to try to get back on track... even if it is something small. Write a chapter in your book or clean your closet. Accomplishing one little thing can set the ball rolling for more. The "in between" may not be my favorite season of my life but I am getting through it and the other side is bound to be better.

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  1. You've been non-stop for most of your life - it's ok to take a break! :)