Friday Five 8/20/19 / Sunday Six 9/1/19

I have to apologize for the fact that this post is a little late- it should have been published Friday but Google Chrome crashed on my computer and it has taken me a lot of time to get everything back in order. 

Can you believe it's September??? This summer flew by and I can honestly say, I am 100% ready for it to be over. Thanks to the Bar Exam, this was one of my least favorite summers ever. I am ready for Fall and a fresh season without exams looming over my head.

My life has been pretty quiet... I have been enjoying a study free life and getting caught up on everything else in my life.

Last weekend I went to Nashville for a Bachelorette Party which was so fun!

I also got to meet my blogger friend Danielle in real life which was SO fun! Go follow her- she is a sweetheart! 

Saturday night I went to a local Baseball game and had a blast.

Other than that, it's been work, relaxing and enjoying my free time.

I have a few fun favorites for you today; just some things I have been loving lately.

1. Teami Tea and Tumbler

I have been on a huge Teami kick all summer. I loved their Focus blend to get me through Bar Prep. The tumbler is my favorite because I can take tea on the go so easily! I love drinking tea, especially coming into these colder months and this tumbler seriously is a gamechanger.

Use my code: LEGAL25 for 25% off any order from Teami!!!

2. Carnival Row on Amazon Prime 
Image result for carnival row
My hubby and I just started this and it is SO good. It reminds me of a few different shows (GoT, Criminal Minds, Once Upon a Time) while still being super original and authentic. I highly suggest giving it a watch!

Sign up for Amazon Prime Video to watch this!

3. Makeup Eraser Towels 
I have seen so much hype about these and I finally bought some to try. I am a fan! I love that they are zero-waste and still take all the makeup off!

4. Car Seat Hangers
I have these in my car and they are AMAZING. They make a nice little hanger off the back of my seats so I can hag my purse, a jacket, fragile groceries, etc. It is secure and organized and fits into they car like it was always there!

5. Walmart Clothing on major SALE
There are some amazing deals! I am talking things for $3! Here are some things I snagged at great prices:

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