Sunday Six/Five 5/19/19

So it's been a week. This was supposed to be a Friday Five but in light of my getting in a car accident on Friday afternoon, it got pushed back to today. Thankfully I am 100% okay and my car only has cosmetic damage (the other driver was also fine and her car had no damage). So now I get to fit an autobody shop visit into my week so yay.

On a brighter note, I got a few grades back this week and I got an A in my favorite class from the semester! It also pushed my GPA way up and my husband had flowers delivered to our house to congratulate me. He is the SWEETEST <3

Otherwise, the rest of my week was pretty much nothing but bar prep. Enjoy these snaps of me doing the same thing day in, day out.



Friday night my sister and her family came over to visit. My nephew and my dog Gracie were born within two weeks of each other and they have been besties for life.

Saturday morning my friend brought her golden over for a playdate and it was so much fun.

Then, I drank Starbucks while my husband did yard work #marriagegoals.

Now for my Friday Five/Sunday Six:

1. The end of The Big Bang Theory
Image result for big bang theory finale
I have always loved this show. It is light and fun and always leaves me laughing. As sad as I am to see it go, the final episode was a great one. And thankfully there are always reruns!

2. Chernobyl on HBO
Image result for chernobyl hbo
My husband and I have watched the first two episodes of this and it is SO good. It is so eyeopening to one of the biggest environmental tragedies of recent history. I would highly suggest it!!

3. Sandals from Walmart
So I have been wearing these EVERY DAY and they are the comfiest shoes ever. Not to mention, you simply cannot beat the price. Go buy them RIGHT now.

4.  New Ed Sheeran Music
I do love me some Eddie. I also don't like to admit it but I also love me some J-Biebs. The new song is SO good and I have had it stuck in my head all weekend.

5. Thunderstruck by Erik Larson

I just started this book as an audiobook through the Libby app and so far it is really good. I love this author (he also wrote Devil in the White City which is one of my favorite books of all time). I am listening to it on bar prep breaks, when I am doing chores, when I am driving, etc. It is great to let my brain relax and listen to something I enjoy. The book is about an unlikely murder and a prolific inventor during the Edwardian era.

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