What to Wear in Law School: A Week's Worth of Outfits

Good Morning!! 

I get so many questions through the blog and as a student tour guide at my law school about what people wear in law school. This was something I was super curious about before starting law school also. Did I need to wear a suit every day? Are leggings ever acceptable? As silly as it sounds, what to wear was one of my biggest sources of anxiety as I prepped for my first year of law school. 

Now that I am in my third year, I have the law school wardrobe pretty well figured out. I have discussed what to have in your closet as a law student before (see this post) and today I am sharing a snapshot into my outfits throughout a whole week of law school. 

As you will see, I do not dress up much for law school. There are days where I will dress business casual for an event or networking function but my general law school wardrobe is full of skinny jeans, soft sweaters, flannels, and simple dresses. I generally avoid sweatpants and leggings but don't get me wrong- I have plenty of days where that is the best I can do and there is NOTHING wrong with wearing leggings to law school. It is a personal choice for me to rarely wear sweats or athleisure and has to do more with my working almost every day than it does with being a law student. 

The outfits I share are 100% what I wore to class on these days. If you have been reading long, you know that I strive for 100% transparency on this blog.


The weather is finally getting warmer and I was feeling all the Spring vibes on Monday. I kept it simple with a floral top and cardigan and comfy jeans with my heeled mules. I only have one class on Monday's along with work so I didn't need to dress up professional. 


On Tuesday's this semester, I have three classes so it is a long day. I dressed casually in jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and my favorite studded mules for a day of sitting in a classroom. 


Wednesday was rainy so I wore my much-loved trench coat and Chelsea rain boots with jeans and a simple top. Rainy days are also the best days to rock a high bun and not worry about your hair!


By Thursday, I was feeling very ready for the weekend and I had a 10 hour day at the school ahead of me. I opted for jeans, a comfy flannel, and my combat boots. I topped it off with pigtail braids and a hat because honestly, I was running late on my way out the door #fail. I am all about keeping it real over here- some days you just have to keep it simple and comfy even if it isn't your most fashionable look. 


Fridays I have no classes and I just work a few hours. Because it was warm and sunny, I was dying to wear a dress. I paired a simple striped dress with tights (after all it is still technically winter) and suede boots. Easy but made me look put together!

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