Friday Five 2/8/19

Happy Friday!!

What a week. Overall, my week was really good. We received some very good news about my dad's health, my husband and I booked a vacation, I got caught up on school work and cleaned my house. This weekend I get to hang out with my best friend in the whole world and ride horses so it's going to be a great time! Here are a few snaps from my week:
Fetch with the little princess

Loving my new J. Crew Factory jacket!

My dog is spoiled rotten. He insists on being held while we watch TV. 

My sister sent me this picture of my nephew Hunter and my horse Charlie. She took Hunter out to ride this week and he and Charlie are basically BFF's. *heart melting*
Oh and don't forget about the giveaway happening on my Instagram!!!

Now to my Friday Five!

1. Little Italy

Image result for little italy movie

If you are looking for a cute romantic comedy for Valentine's Day, I cannot recommend this one enough! It is free to watch if you have Amazon Prime and it is simply adorable.

P.S. Hayden Christensen is still looking fineeeeeeee

2. Hercules Stage Musical
This is the best news every- Hercules is getting turned into a stage musical!!! This is one of my favorite Disney movies so it is sure to be a great show!

3. Butter Crock
I got one of these for Christmas and I am OBSESSED. It basically keeps butter soft and fresh at the same time. It is perfect if you eat a lot of toast like me. Bonus- it looks adorable on the counter next to the toaster.

4. Canon Rebel T6 DSLR Camera
I finally got a real camera like a real blogger and joined the DSLR world. I am still figuring out how to use it so if you have any tips for DSLR's, please send them my way!

My husband and I booked a trip to HAWAII! We will be spending 7 days on The Big Island in the cutest little waterfront Airbnb. I am SO excited I can barely stand it. We will be flying to Hawaii the day after I finish the bar exam so I will be very ready for a vacation. If you have any recommendations please send them my way!

Recap of what was On the Blog this week: 

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