Friday Five 1/11/19

Happy Friday!

This week started with my 25th birthday celebrations. My family drove up to meet us for dinner on Saturday. We had a nice dinner (complete with free desert) and I was blessed with some lovely presents through the real gift was time with my family. My birthday was on Sunday, 1/6, and I had the best day. I slept in, my hubby got me donuts for breakfast, we lounged around for a while and then my husband surprised me with a trip to the Toledo Museum of Art which is just a few minutes from our house. We are not really "art" people but it was really interesting regardless. There were some amazing pieces and two really cool temporary exhibits: one reunited a torn painting after 200 years and the other was tens of thousands of dried flowers suspended from the ceiling and it was breathtaking. We got Olive Garden on the way home and then binge watched movies until my favorite show, Outlander, came on. To top off a great birthday, the Eagles won their wild-card game #FLYEAGLESFLY!

My last semester of school ever started on Monday. So far it has been pretty low stress but I know things will heat up soon. It has been fun to be back with my friends at school and I do genuinely enjoy learning and I have a few of my favorite professors this semester so it should be a good one.

I am sharing a few of my favorite things from this week below!

1. L'Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Liquid Lipsticks 

I received these lipsticks as a promotion to try and I did not have great expectations. But, they are AMAZING!!! Liquid lipsticks are usually so heavy and drying but these are not. They last all day and have great pigment. The applicator is really easy to use and I love how smoothly it applies. I have worn one of these colors almost every day this week. I am super impressed by these overall and I will definitely be purchasing them again.

2. The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

I started this novel as an audiobook this week and so far I LOVE it. I normally gravitate toward WW2 historical fiction but this novel takes place in WW1 and post WW2 and it is so good. It follows the story of two women- one a former spy from WW1 France and the other a knocked up college student trying to find her missing cousin after WW2. I am not very far through it because I only listen to it on my drive to and from school and while cooking but I really enjoy it.

I listen to it for free on the Libby app. Libby allows you to rent audio books and e-books for free with a Library card. I use this app all the time and I love it!

3. On the Basis of Sex 
If you have watched any TV in the last few weeks, you have likely seen a preview for this movie about the early career of now Supreme Court Justice and general badass Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I find RBG to be such an inspiring figure for all she has done for women in the legal profession and I have so much respect for her. It is in theaters everywhere this week and it is sure to be a great watch.

4. Paying for Law School 

I am NOT posting this to boast at all. But, I am posting to let people know that it is possible to go to law school without amassing a crapton of debt. I have a post all about how I got a full tuition scholarship to law school and tips for how you could do the same. You can read it here: HOW I GOT A FULL-TUITION SCHOLARSHIP TO LAW SCHOOL

My final semester of law school cost me $25. I am graduating in a few months with ZERO law school debt and I cannot tell you how much stress that takes off my shoulders. If you are planning to go to law school, think through the ways you can get a good scholarship too.

5. A few Amazon Finds
I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas and just received my order yesterday. Here are my favorites.

The leggings are amazing for the price! They even have a side pocket for your phone.

I used to have a popsocket but it wore out and wouldn't snap back to being flat anymore. I decided to replace it will this adorable Disney themed ring holder and prop stand. I like that it swivels all the way around and it feels very secure when I am holding my phone with it. And for 2 for less than $11 you can't beat the price!

Have a great weekend!!!

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