My Christmas Wish List

Happy Wednesday!

Today is my last day of normal classes for the semester and my first exam is less than a week away. These facts are really bumming me out so I am trying to find something positive to think about today.

I have seen lots of other bloggers doing their Christmas wishlists so I decided to do the same. As a naturally nosy person, I always find these so interesting and often find a gift idea that I want or something to get for someone else who is hard to buy for.

I made a Christmas wish list on Amazon every year and send it out to family and friends who ask me what I want for Christmas. Throughout the year, I add things to the list that I like but don't immediately need. Making a list on Amazon is super easy to create, edit and share.

My 2018 Christmas Wishlist

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This is the big item on my wishlist this year. A know a few friends who have them and I have been so jealous. It is the coolest little machine that can literally make anything. I love being crafty and doing DIY's and this would be so helpful for that! Fingers crossed!

I have so many cozy blankets hanging out in my living room with no way to organize them. I love the look of these blanket ladders and I think it would be the perfect way to organize my cozy collection and still be a pretty decor piece for my living room.

I LOVE Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books of all time. I never tire of re-reading these classic novels. This set is so gorgeous and would dress up any bookshelf. 

The bar exam is dwelling in my semi-near future so I am starting to think of things that would be helpful for the 3 months of studying. I think this laptop stand would take the pressure off my neck a bit (less bending over) and give me a little extra space on my desk. 

I have a HUGE mug collection. I get mugs from places I travel to and people always get them for me as gifts because I just love mugs! I have seen a similar mug rack to this one in all the houses on Fixer Upper and I have been lusting after it for so long. I finally found a decently priced version on Amazon and immediately added it to my wish list. It would display my collection so nicely!

This is so random but so exciting. I love having SOFT butter for my toast. I HATE cold, hard butter. This nifty little thing is supposed to keep butter fresh and soft! It comes in a bunch of cute colors to match any kitchen decor.

I am a huge history nerd... I was a History major in college and it is my favorite genre to read for fun. World War II is my favorite period of history and this book sounds so interesting. I love stories of strong woman throughout history so it is right up my alley. This book is about women who worked as code breakers during World War II. 

I LOVE Harry Potte and I wear a few Alex & Ani bracelets every day. I think this would be the perfect addition.

Back to the bar exam looming in my future- I think this would be the best chair for the endless hours of studying at my desk. I sat at one of these chairs at my internship this past summer and I found it so comfy and good for my posture.

Another random but useful gift is a nice set of prep bowls WITH lids! I love to cook and bake and my current prep bowls are not lidded. I think this set is a great value and would be super useful.

Happy Christmas shopping!

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