10 Essentials for a Productive Library Study Session

Good morning!

Is it just me or did the semester FLY by?! Exams are going to be here so fast.

My exam study habits have not changed much since 1L year. I pack up all my stuff and hunker down in a library study room for hours upon hours with my study group or on my own. It is not much fun but I find it to be the most productive study environment for me. My library study sessions are long and I like to be prepared. Therefore, I carry everything but the kitchen sink with me: books, snacks, blankets and sometimes even a tiny humidifier (yep- I am THAT extra and study rooms can be very dry). I have compiled a list of the 10 essential items I have to have for my library study sessions. This list is not all-inclusive (I bring lots of other crap too) but it is the big stuff that I CANNOT leave home without when I am heading into the library to get some work done.

(All products linked are ones that I own, use and love!!)

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1. Headphones 
Noise blocking headphones are a must- even in the quietest of libraries. Sometimes just the sound of someone chewing gum will get on my nerves so I make sure I always have my noise blocking headphones with me during a library study session. Also, these allow me to keep my study playlist going strong or to listen to extra study lectures without bothering anyone else.


2. Blanket 
I am ALWAYS cold- especially when I am sitting still. Whenever I am gearing up for a long study session at the library, I make sure to bring a blanket with me so that I have the option to curl up in it if I get chilly. It also doubles as a way to make an uncomfortable chair more comfy if that need arises.

3. Comfy Socks
I can't study if my feet are cold. It will just drive me nuts. I never leave for a study session without cozy, comfy socks on. Maybe I am just a weirdo but it's the truth.

4. Pens, Highlighters, Markers
I never study without all my writing utensils. I am a total pen snob so I bring all my own stuff in every color of the rainbow. Pens, highlighters, dry erase markers (study rooms at my school have whiteboards).... I bring it all. I like to make my study notes colorful so that it is less boring and also helps me remember.


5. Snacks 
Some people can study with no food around but I am not one of them. I bring all the study snacks when I am preparing for a long day in the library. Some of my favorites are goldfish, Twizzlers, pretzels, peppermint lifesavers, Brookside Chocolates, grapes, carrots, granola bars and lots of gum!


6. Water Bottle 
It is very important to stay hydrated- I keep a water bottle with me at all times. Pro tip: always make sure it has a lid so it will not spill on your books, notes or computer (learn from my mistake people).


7. Coffee Mug
Hydration is important but so is caffeine. Whenever I am studying in the library, I have a water bottle and a coffee mug in front of me. I like to keep my caffeine levels high with either coffee or tea pretty much all the time. Just like the water bottle, I like coffee mugs with lids to avoid spills and the potential for crisis.


8. Extra Paper and Notecards 
I never leave for a study session without a spare notebook and package of notecards- you just never know when you will run out and the last thing I want to do in the middle of a good study session is leave to go buy more paper or notecards. I also love to have a spare legal pad with me to copy notes, write out practice essay problems, etc. (I only like using white legal pads because I am weird and OCD)


9. A Good Playlist 
I generally listen to music while I am studying. It helps me focus. I prefer music without lyrics so I gravitate toward movie scores and classical music. Amazon Music and Pandora have some great stations. Below is my own personal study playlist on Amazon Music and I always love the Hanz Zimmer Pandora station as well!

10. Book Stand 
Do your neck a favor and use a bookstand!! Prop your book or notes on one of these and it will help your neck SO much.


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