Friday Five 8/3/2018

Happy Friday! How is it August already??? This Summer FLEW by. I can't believe I start my 3L year in 2 weeks. I tend to forget my little "Friday Five" posts but I remembered today! Here are a few favorites from this week!

1. Mini-Vacation
Last weekend, I went with my parents on a quick 3 day get-away to my grandparent's cottage on Lake Michigan. I read books on the beach, picked fresh blueberries, ate the best ice cream, made smores and enjoyed some wonderful family time. It was the perfect little getaway before 3L year stars.

2. Iced Coffee via Keurig
My husband and I upgraded to a new Keurig (our old one was on its last leg) because the Amazon Prime deals were amazing and our new one makes legit ICED COFFEE. I don't even know what to do with myself. All hail Keurig for giving the people what we want.

3. Scotland by The Lumineers
I LOVE everything by The Lumineers but this might be my favorite song by them. It was the theme song on the show Reign and FINALLY got released. It has been on repeat in my house all. week. long. I am obsessed.

4. New Movies
Okay so these aren't actually really new but my husband and I watched Blockers and Baywatch this week and I think I broke a rib from laughing so hard. I love nothing more than a good comedy full of good laughs and these both hit the spot (not to mention one involves Zac Efron and The Rock without shirts on...). I would highly suggest them both!

Image result for blockers     Image result for baywatch

5. James Corden and Tom Cruise Skydiving
James Corden is my favorite. I die laughing at every video. This is one of his best for sure! 

Enjoy your weekend!

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