Summer So Far

Hey guys... I promise I am actually going to produce some quality law school related content soon. But first, a little life update.

Summer is off to a great start and there is a lot of fun still coming: trips, weddings, 5K's and summer days full of sunshine.

My husband and I just got home from an amazing cruise to the Caribbean with Royal Caribbean. We stopped in St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, and Haiti. I ate way too much, got a bit sunburnt and ready a whole pile of easy, breezy summer books. It was fantastic but we are now back to reality.

We have been busy with our house doing some projects. We ripped out the carpet in our master and are currently laying down a new floor in the evening. This means we are living out of baskets and the guest room but the final product will be worth it. We also plan to put in the backsplash in the kitchen and I am redecorating and redoing the furniture in the guest room. It should keep us busy on the weekends!

In other, much more fun, news, I have two exciting concerts coming up: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill this weekend with my husband and his family and Shania Twain next weekend with my law school mentor! I cannot wait; these are some of my favorite artists and they should be fantastic shows.

I have settled into my clerkship with a local judge and I am really enjoying it. I learn a lot, everyone is super nice and it is an interesting perspective on the law. I love spending my days in a historic courthouse helping justice in action.

My grades from spring semester are all in and somehow, despite how busy it was, I got my highest GPA to date in law school this past semester while taking some of my hardest classes (Evidence, Secured Transactions...). I was very pleased with how the semester turned out even though it was exhausting thanks to competing for Moot Court, organizing an intra-school competition, working in Admissions, re-starting the criminal law society at my law school and having night classes 4 days a week. While I am happy about my GPA boost, I am SO glad that semester is behind me and I am looking forward to a less stressful 3L year.

Following our cruise and all the amazing food, I am really ready to get in shape and eat healthier. I downloaded a meal planning app, charged my Fitbit and make a work out schedule. I am shooting for a 5K later this summer so I need to get my butt in gear. I am trying a semi-ketogenic diet along with running and yoga to get feeling better and to hopefully tone up. I am also trying the Teami Tea detox for a few weeks to clean out my system.

I am planning out some quality law school content so check back for that. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!

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