A Recap of 2L Year

Well.... I have been away from the blog for a bit. This Spring semester just kicked my butt. Thankfully I am done now and officially a 3L! I cannot believe that... time is flying.

First semester of 2L year was hard- I took 18 credit hours, competed in our interscholastic appellate advocacy competition, started a job in admissions... but I got through it and pulled decent grades.

This semester was especially exhausting.... My moot court competition was super time consuming, I had two of the hardest classes of law school, I was working, participated in a mentoring circle, took on leadership roles in three organizations... there was a lot going on and the motivation to blog just wasn't there.

But now it's over and the wait for grades begins. I have two grades back already and I am very pleased- I got an A in one of my hardest classes of the semester. Next Monday I start my summer internship clerking for a local judge. I am so excited for the opportunity to learn and observe- it is bound to be a great summer.

At the end of May, my husband and I are going on a Carribean cruise and I cannot wait for sun, sand, and relaxation! Other than that, I am enjoying my homework-free days full of puppy snuggles, reading novels for fun and getting some projects done around the house. Just one more year of law school and that thought blows my mind. It had flown by so far.

I wish everyone finishing up finals the best of luck, congratulations to those who are already done and I hope everyone enjoys your summer!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your second year! Your summer sounds like it will be lovely <3