Bar Exam Survival Kit + FREE Printable's

I am officially a 3L now which means I am only a year away from studying for the bar exam. It scares the crap out of me. For all those studying for the bar exam right now, I wish you the best of luck and my thoughts are with you!

I have a close friend who just graduated from law school and is studying for the bar. We are going to a concert together tomorrow and I wanted to do something for her because I know she is super stressed about studying and getting ready for the exam. I decided to make up a little "Bar Exam Survival Kit" for her. I used the "Final Exam Survival Kit" examples on Pinterest as a template and made adjustments specific to the Bar Exam and my friend in particular.

Here is what I put in her basket:
  • Flashcards in fun colors 
  • A legal pad because lawyering isn't possible without one
  • A Post-It pad full of inspiring quotes for each day she has to study
  • Bubble Wrap for stress relief 
  • Chocolate for emergencies 
  • Advil for when staring at a computer gets the best of her
  • Emergen-C because no one studying for the bar has time to get sick 
  • A To-Do list pad so she doesn't forget anything 
  • A little frame to put on her desk for motivation 
  • Face masks to "treat-yo-self"

I got almost everything at my local Dollar Tree and TJ Maxx so it was super cheap to put together. The friend I made this for isn't a big coffee drinker and she also doesn't really drink alcohol. For other friends, I would have made a few additions:
  • A Starbucks gift card or a big off coffee
  • A few mini Wine Bottles 
  • CHampagne to celebrate being done 
I made a cute little list to put on top explaining the contents. I made the printable available for free: click here to print

I also made the little sign that says "If Britney can survive 2007, you can survive studying for the bar exam". I put it in a little 4x6 frame for her to put on her desk. I also made the printable available for free: click this link to print

For the "Emergency Chocolate" bar, I used a regular Hershey's chocolate bar and put a cute little sleeve around it. I found that at this website and was able to print it for free. 

The little sticky notepad has a motivational quote written on each page for the number of days she has remaining to study. My thought was that she can post them up around her desk area and each day she gets a little dose of motivation and inspiration. 

So that's what I did today. I hope my friend likes it when I see her tomorrow. Oh and we are going to see Shania Twain which is SO exciting! 

Once again, for all of those out there studying for the bar exam- GOOD LUCK! You can do it!!!


  1. Hi Brandy! You are such an inspiration to me. I'm starting law school this fall and have been binging on your blog posts to prepare myself for the coming semester. One of my favorite posts was on how you took notes for your reading and class by making a line down the centre. Do you still do this or do you organize things differently now? If differently, do you think you could do an updated post on how to stay organized and take notes in law school? Thanks so much and good luck with your third year!

    1. Hi! I am so glad you find my blog helpful. I will do an updated post on how my notetaking has evolved during my law school career soon. Thank you for the suggestion :) Enjoy your last summer before law school!