Spring Semester Goals

My second semester of Law School is just 3 short days away! Break has flown by. As I prepare to start another semester, I am making some goals for myself to try to further improve my learning and study habits. Hopefully I will stay on track.... Here are my 10 goals for my second semester of Law School.

1. Do All Reading/Assignments
I can say I did every single reading assignment last semester and I do considers that to be a point of pride because skipping the reading and just printing a brief off Lexis was soooo appealing to me so many times as I was struggling through 30 pages of Civ Pro before bed last semester. I intend to do this again this semester and any assignments that pop up. I hope to be a little better about not waiting until 10pm to start my reading as well... but I am a night owl so we will see how that goes.

2. Study Group Once a Week
I love love love my study group. It is a small group of three but we just jive so well. We did not get serious until exams last semester and it was SO helpful. We have decided to make a weekly meeting time to go over classes and address anything that is confusing us throughout the semester in order to be more prepared come exam time.

3. Review/Outline Weekly
I was super lazy with my outlines last semester- mostly I put it off until the end because I just did not fully understand what on earth "outlining" was. Now that I have it figured out, I am going to make a point to alternate on my class-free fridays: reviewing and adressing confusion one week, updating outlines the next. I think this will keep me more on track and help me to avoid last minute outlining.

4. Get Involved
I have not joined any organizations besides SBA and I am a Themis Bar Prep representative. I want to make a point to join something and get involved.

5. Find an Internship
This is sure to be a challenge but I am hoping to find a nice (praying for paid) internship in my city. Wish me luck.

6. Improve My GPA
I did fine my first semester but I really would like to up my GPA a few points.

7. Go to More Professor Office Hours
Last semester, I fell into the habit of avoiding professors office hours because I felt that my questions would sound "stupid". This bit me in the butt as I scrambled for answers when outlining and studying for exams. I am going to suck it up and ask the questions as they arise to avoid this from happening again. There's no such thing as a stupid question right?

8. Practice tests, Practice tests, Practice tests
I really was caught off guard by the testing styles of my professors. I am going to start doing practice tests sooner and make time to go talk over them with the professors to make sure I do not make the same mistake again.

9. Work Out and Eat Healthy
Last semester, I let laziness get the best of me and I did not work out at all and I got pretty lazy with my eating habits and started eating junk. I am not happy with the few pounds I put on in the process so I am making a goal to work out at least 3 times a week this semester and making healthy lunches ahead of time so I eat well and feel better.

10. Blog Weekly
I hope to do better keeping up with my blog and letting you all in on the whole experience. I find this to be a nice outlet and I enjoy it so I need to make it a priority (when the reading is done).

There we go! Let's see if I can stick to it!

Do you have any new goals for the new semester??

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