The Mid-Semester Slump

I am now in my 7th week of Law School. The newness and excitement that caused me to hustle hard the first weeks has completely gone away... now I just want to lay in bed, eat pumpkin flavored baked goods and cuddle with my puppies. However, my backup plan of being a stay-at-home dog mom got shot down by my husband so I am going to have to stick it out in Law School and kick my lazy butt into gear.

This time is Law School is rough for several reasons. Classes are really heating up and professors are not giving us any breaks for being "newbies" anymore. There is more reading, more cold-calls and practice exam questions. It is awful. I have a Property midterm coming up, legal memos due, way too many ICW's and we start working with professional development on internships in the next few weeks. Someone, please remind me what on earth I was thinking by attending Law School? 

The crazy thing that's actually making it a lot better? Everyone is feeling the same way. All my friends are commiserating and struggling just as much as I am. Everyone is completely confused by Contracts, no one likes writing Memo's and we are all showing up to class with a significantly less amount of pep in our step. Knowing that I am not alone and not the only one feeling this way takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. Obviously, the slight meltdown I am having is completely normal. 

But here's the deal: I am going to overcome this slump and continue kicking Law School's butt. I know I am better than this and I will make it through stronger than ever. This weekend my husband and I are taking a little weekend trip to visit friends and I am SO ready for a little break in the Law School grind to refresh and reset. When I get back, it is balls to the wall. I am going to approach Law School just like Elle Woods when Warner told her she wasn't smart enough and I am going to absolutely rock it like a hurricane (ok that pun was poorly timed; praying for everyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew!). 

Moral of the whiny story I just told, no matter how much it may seem like I have my life together on this blog or Instagram or whatever, I am just like every other 1L out there, driving the struggle bus and wondering what the heck I was thinking by coming to Law School. A 2L today told me to just grit my teeth and push through because it is all uphill from here... she better be right! But I am going to grit my teeth and do it because this is all I have ever wanted to do with my life and I know I can do it. Someday, Juris Doctor will be attached to my name and all this frustration will be behind me and it will all be worth it. If I can overcome this slump, you can too. Just keep chugging along. 

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