Fitness at Home

I have always been a homebody so quarantine has not been a huge adjustment for me (thankfully). I know a lot of people are struggling with the new normal and I am doing my best to share relevant information.

Today I am talking about keeping fit at home. Many people practice fitness in gyms, yoga studios, pure barre studios, Orange theory... you get the idea. Unfortunately all of those places are currently closed. That doesn't mean you can't keep up your fitness routine at home though. I have never been a gym member or workout class attendee so I am pretty well versed in this. I am sharing all of my go to ideas and tips for working out at home.

Tips for Working Out at Home

1. Designate a Space (if you can)
If you have a spare room or basement, it can be helpful to designate the space to working out. It makes it more similar to a gym or studio. My husband has an area in our basement all organized for his workouts. Personally, I am pretty content to do Yoga in my living room or pedal my exercise bike in front of the TV. I do have a treadmill in the basement so I try to use that a few times a week as well.

2. No Need for Fancy Equipment
Even if you don't have fancy equipment, you can get in good workouts. No weights? Try cans of soup or books. No Yoga mat? Carpet works just fine for most moves. Get creative and make the best of your space and the things around you. There are also tons of ideas for equipment free workouts.

3. Pick a Time 
I find it helpful to set a time for my workouts so that it gets to be a part of my routine. Personally, I like to workout at night. So I make a deal with myself that I can't go to bed until I have done a workout of some kind. Sometimes its 30 minutes on the bike, sometimes its Yoga and sometimes I even run on the treadmill if I am feeling motivated. Whatever time of your day feels good, make that your workout time and stick to it.

4. Stop Making Excuses 
It is SO easy to make excuses to not work out. The gym is closed, you don't have room, you have no equipment..... STOP. Every excuse has a flipside which makes it possible. Where there is a will, there is a way. Stop making excuses and start figuring out solutions.

5. 21 Days
It takes about 21 days to make a routine that will stick. We are likely quarantined for at least 21 days if not longer. What a perfect time to make home workouts a part of your routine!

Ways to Workout at Home

1. Youtube
There are SO many amazing workout's on youtube. Search for whatever you want to do and you will be amazed at what is available... the options are nearly endless. I personally love the Yoga with Adriene series and it is completely free on youtube.

2. BBG
I did BBG all last summer and WOW did it work. It is super hard but very effective. It is within an app called SWEAT ($19.99 per month) and the workouts are about 28 minutes and require zero to very minimal equipment to complete. It is a great way to really tone your body!

3. Treadmill 
I bought a used treadmill 3 years ago and it has been great. My husband and I both use it regularly. I love being able to run and burn off energy right in my own basement. Search through Facebook marketplace and you would be amazed by how many great deals there are on exercise equipment. Off course, sanitize well after you pick it up if you choose to go this route.

4. Exercise Bike 
This folding exercise bike is perfect for tight spaces. It folds up small to be out of the way and works great when you need to get a workout in. Mine was under $100 and works really well. It lives in the corner of our living room and my husband and I both use it several times a week.

Happy exercising!

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