Friday Five 11/1/19

I simply cannot believe it is already November... time FLIES. I am super excited because we are in my favorite part of the year. Thanksgiving, cool weather, CHRISTMAS!

I have had a quiet week. My husband was gone on a work trip so I did a bunch of projects around the house, worked, did some Christmas shopping and caught up on some TV shows and movies I have been wanting to watch.

I received the album of family pictures my husband and I had done a few weeks ago. I am in LOVE. Family pictures make me so happy because they are like little memories you will have forever. Our photographer is a friend from college and she is absolutely the BEST!

Thursday night I made last minute plans with friends to see Carrie Underwood's final stop on her Cry Pretty Tour 360. She was simply fantastic live and we had so much fun!

I skipped a Halloween costume this year but here is a reminder of my favorite costume ever from last year.

But my puppies dressed up: a cow, a lion and a banana.

Today, I get to go pick up my wonderful hubby from the airport and hug him so tight. I hate being apart.

Now for my Friday Five!

1. Slippers

I just got these and I am OBSESSED! They are so cozy and so soft! Perfect for the upcoming winter.

2. Jewelry Cleaner

I apparently have been living under a rock and only taking my rings to the jewelry store for cleaning. A friend introduced me to this little at home cleaning kit and my ring has NEVER sparkled more! I am now on a cleaning binge of all my jewelry! Love it!

3. Travel Tote


This tote is seriously the best $17 I have ever spent on a travel item. It is made of a light material so it adds little weight to your shoulder, it has comfy straps, it has a panel to slide over your suitcase handle securely, it is SO roomy and fits all my travel necessities. It comes in so many colors and I purchased the tan and the black so I am never without it.

4. The History Chicks Podcast
So I have been in a major podcast moment with all the travel I have been doing. This is my favorite so far. Each episode shares the story of one prominent woman from history. As a giant history nerd, I am simply obsessed. If you love history and strong woman, check it out!

5. Office Ladies Podcast

Another podcast! I LOVE The Office and this podcast features Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (Pam and Angela on the show) talking behind the scenes through every. single. episode. It is seriously so fun. I love it.

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