Friday Five 5/10/19

Happy Friday!!!

This was my first full week of bar prep and so far it has been okay. I would not call it fun, but it is not the worse thing I have ever done.

My bar prep summer uniform... all about comfy and easy!

In between bar prep, I spent lots of quality time with the hubby and pups and caught up on some projects around the house and lots of TV. Overall, it was a pretty uneventful week.

1. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile 
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This movie came to Netflix on May 3rd and I finally got time to watch it this week. I thought it was so well done and shows a very interesting angle of the Ted Bundy story. In the end, I mostly just felt terribly sorry for Liz and all of the victims of Bundy's senseless trail of violence.

2. For the People
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I haven't had any time to watch TV this semester. Therefore, I got really behind on For the People. This is one of the more accurate legal shows out there and I do enjoy it. I watched an episode a morning with my coffee this week and got all caught up. If you have not watched it, I do suggest it as a good legal show (and those are hard to come by!).

3. New Favorite Amazon Purchases
I have two new obsessions I recently bought from Amazon. The ello glass water bottle and ello ceramic travel mug. I have been using these everyday this week while studying for the bar.

I am in love with the water bottle and I have been using it literally 24/7. I much prefer the taste of water out of glass. Also, this bottle has a silicone sleeve which makes it less fragile, non-sweat and an auto coaster. Seriously the best purchase ever!!!

The ceramic travel mug is also perfect for sitting on my desk while I study. It has a silicone base which makes it an auto coaster and the handle makes it easy to drink from. I also love that it has a lid which makes me less anxious having it around my computer all day.

4. The Amazing Race 
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So my dad and I have always been fans of this show and this weekend my dad and I are going to sign up to be on the show! We shall see where it goes!

5. Chernobyl on HBO
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I just heard about this show and I think my husband and I are going to start watching it on Monday. I love historical dramas and this is a super interesting piece of history. If anyone has watched it, let me know how it is!

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