Friday Five 4/26

Happy Friday!

Today I am taking my last substantive final exam! ( I have one more next week but it is good faith effort/participate to pass so I do not have to study for it). My week was basically full of nothing but study study study and take exams. However, there were some bright spots: on Easter, I was blessed to welcome a new nephew, Lincoln Lee.

Here are a few fun snaps from my week:

Gracie goes to law school

And here are my Friday Five!

1. Outlander is coming to Netflix in May 

Image result for outlander

I LOVE Outlander. It is seriously the best. The first two seasons will be coming to Netflix next month so if you have not yet, WATCH IT.

2. Avengers Endgame

Related image

I have been waiting so long for this and I am not sure I am ready for it all to come to an end. Please no spoilers- I can't go see it until Monday!

3. New T-Swift Music 

Oh sweet Jesus what a great week- Taylor Swift finally dropped new music and it was with Panic at the Disco! My middle school self is leaping in joy right now (let's be real, so is my 25-year-old self). Her new single, Me, is out now.

4. The best sneakers ever

I have been LIVING in these sneakers. I wore them for 15 miles of walking around NYC, I have worn them every day this week to study and they just never disappoint. They are washable, made of wool so you don't need socks, lightweight and SO comfy. Seriously at this price, you CANNOT beat these.

5. sorry that's all I have this week!

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