Friday Five 1/18/19

Happy Friday!

My week has been a bit up and down. Classes were good, work is going well and I did some planning on some exciting things for my future. There is snow on the ground which always makes me happy. Unfortunately, there was also a lot of downs in my week and some bad news.... just asking for some prayers if anyone has a spare moment.

I am looking forward to a long weekend at home with my family and horses. It is much needed at the moment.

Now on to my Friday Five.

1. Walmart Grocery Delivery

I tried Walmart Grocery Delivery for the first time this week and it was AMAZING! I ordered online and they were delivered at 9am by a super nice guy named Blake. It saved me so much time and was so simple and straightforward. If you are short on time, seriously consider trying this out!

2. Game of Thrones
I know I am about 10 years late to this party but my husband and I finally started Game of Thrones. So far I am confused but hopefully I will start to keep everyone straight. Everyone says it is great so here goes nothing!

3. Yeouth Face Serum 

I have been using this for about a month and I am SO pleased with it! It is a perfect base full of good stuff for your face but I like that it goes on more like a moisturizer than a serum.

4. Space Force 

I saw this news and I AM SO EXCITED! The Office is basically the greatest show of all time so something new from those guys is the greatest news ever.

5. The Secret Rescue by Cate Lineberry 

I finished this book this week and it was so good! It is a very interesting story about something that history has largely forgotten. I am not very familiar with Albania nor did I realize that so many nurses ended up behind enemy lines in WW2. I would highly suggest this if you like informative, historical reads like me!

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