Sunday Six 11/11/18

Happy Sunday!

I normally do this on Friday but I had a really busy week and I just ran out of time. So instead of a "Friday Five", I am doing a "Sunday Six" of things I am currently into.

Ohio is currently freezing and experiencing our first snow so I have spent most of my weekend bundled up and cuddling with my hubby and pups. We also took down Halloween decorations, did some Christmas shopping, cleaned our basement and I got one of my outlines up to date. I know, we are really living it up. I have no class tomorrow so it's a 3 day weekend and there is nothing better than that to get rested and prepared for the week ahead.

1. 100th Anniversary of Armistice 

Today is the 100th anniversary of the armistice which ended the fighting in World War 1 on November 11, 1918, at 11:00. We celebrate this as Veterans Day here in America, formerly called Armistice Day until 1954 when it was rededicated to honor all American military, naval, and Air Force veterans. Today is also celebrated as Armistice Day in New Zealand, France, Belgium and Serbia, and as Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations, including Australia and Canada. Today we remember those who died in what was at the time, the deadliest war in history. Today, we honor those who gave all in the name of freedom, those who valiantly served and came home, and those who continue to dedicate their lives to preserving freedom. I proudly fly an American flag on the front of my house today and every day.

Today, I challenge you to stop and thank a veteran if you see one this week. Take a moment to thank the elderly gentleman greeter at Walmart for his service if you see that little Veteran flag under his name tag. Thank the man in front of you at the coffee shop wearing his Vietnam Vet hat covered in pins and if you feel so moved and have the ability, anonymously pay for their coffee as a way to give back to someone who gave so much.

Never forget that freedom is not free.

2. Black Friday Ad's
I am a HUGE Black Friday shopper. I started going with my mom in middle school and we go all out- itemized lists for each store, synchronized watches... yeah we are a little crazy. The ad's for this upcoming Black Friday are starting to come out and there are some great deals. So far I am very excited about the deals at Walmart and Kohls.

3. Outlaw King 
Disclaimer: I am a HUGE history nerd and I love historical movies so this is right up my alley. I have been seeing the trailers for this movie for so long and it looked SO good. It tells the story of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, in his fight against the English. My hubby and I watched it on Saturday for date night and it was SO good. It had a little bit of everything (action, history, romance) and I loved it. I highly suggest it! It is streaming on Netflix right now.

4. Baby Bison
Maybe I am crazy, but this is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am keeping this picture on my phone from now through final exams because I know it will make me smile every single time and I will need something to make me smile during exams. There is just nothing cuter than baby animals!

5. Holiday Cards 
Maybe I am old school but I love doing holiday cards every year. Personally, I love nothing more than receiving a card in the mail so I feel compelled to do the same for others. Also, it is so fun to pick out a cute design every year and decide which pictures to put on the card. Vistaprint always has great sales running and I was able to snag my cards at 50% off! I also got matching address labels and stickers because I am just that extra and I like it to all look pretty and put together.

Here is a sneak peek of our 2018 cards:
Everything in photo purchased from Vistaprint

6. Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald
It comes out this Friday and I can't wait!!! My friends and I have a whole party planned for Friday night before we go see the movies because we are just that nerdy and obsessed with Harry Potter.

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