What's in My Bag- Internship Edition

Good morning friends!

So my summer internship is now over...but as I was cleaning out my purse in preparation for school starting, I realized I never did a "whats in my bag" for my summer internship. I always love seeing these posts on other peoples blogs because I am a naturally nosy person and I always find it super interesting. This isn't my most original post but maybe there are people out there that find them as interesting as I do. So better late than never, here is what I carried with me in my bag to my internship as a law clerk for a local judge every day this summer.

My Bag 
This summer, I used this simple leather tote bag.
Shop my Dress- it is SO comfy and perfect for work with a blazer over top

It is Nine West and I picked it up at TJ Maxx for $24.99 at the beginning of the summer. It was perfect for work- it was big enough to hold what I needed but not obnoxiously large and I love this blush pink color- it is so in right now. Below I have linked several similar options- just click the pictures to shop!


What's in my bag? 

1. Planner 
I ALWAYS carry my planner with me because it basically contains my life. I kept track of all my work projects, deadlines, trials to observe, etc. in my planner. As I have mentioned approximately 1000 times on this blog, I have a Plum Paper Planner and I absolutely adore it. I will never use another planner!

(If you want to order your own Plum Paper Planner, send me an email and I will send you a code for $10 off the purchase of your first Plum Paper Planner :))

2. Notebook and Pen 
I always carry a medium-sized notebook and pen during internships. You never know when you are going to be given a project and it is best to have a place to jot down notes so you do not forget anything. Also, I made lots of notes in my notebook about the things I observed. I was working for a judge so I spent every day in a courtroom- therefore, I picked up lots of tips and tricks for litigation and courtroom etiquette that I wanted to make note of for my own future practice.

3. Pens, Pencil, and Highlighters

I always carry an array of colored pens, highlighters and a few pencils with me. I needed them for doing research, making notes for memos to the judge, etc. I always bring my own because I am a pen snob and I do not like to use whatever happens to be laying around the office.

4. Novel
I always keep a novel in my purse for lunchtime. I can only scroll through my phone for so long before I get bored so I love being able to turn to whatever book I am currently reading for a short time to break up my work day while eating my lunch. (Currently reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society)

5. Wallet
Money makes the world go round so this is a must. I got mine from MarleyLilly because monograms are life.

6. Granola Bar and Gum
I tend to get hungry in the mid-morning so I always throw a granola bar in my purse just in case. I also always keep gum in my purse.

7. Sunglasses 
I had quite a walk to and from the courthouse I worked in and the parking garage I parked in so during the sunny summer days, sunglasses were a necessity.

8. "Just in Case" Bag 

I always keep a small bag of "just in case" items in my purse. Here is what I include (a few items didn't make the picture because I need to restock them in my little bag):

  • Hair ties, hair clip, and bobby pins
  • Small hairbrush 
  • Tide-to-go stick 
  • Hand lotion 
  • Chapstick 
  • Mascara 
  • Setting powder and brush 
  • Lipstick 
  • Bandaids
  • Feminine hygiene items 
  • Safety pins 

9. Wet Wipes
I tend to be a slightly messy person so I always keep a little pack of wet wipes in my purse. I pick them up at the dollar store in these perfect little purse size packages. You never know when they will come in handy!

10. Phone Charger
I always keep a phone charger in my purse. You never know when you will need it or someone around you will need to borrow it!

11. Water Bottle
I always carried a water bottle with me to work. It technically doesn't go in my bag but it did go with me every day. I got this one from Walmart and it is from the Pioneer Woman collection. I love it because it holds a ton of water and stays cold for hours!

Whats in your bag? 

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