A Simple Semester Study Schedule

I know it is still July but school is going to be here before we know it. I have already started prepping for my 3L year; ordering books, buying supplies, getting binders organized, etc. I kind of love back to school time and back to school prep so I am loving it.

As I am getting my binders ready for Fall semester, I usually write down a few of the important assignments, due dates, etc on a sticky note in the front. After years of doing that, I finally decided to just make up a printable to insert in the front of all of my binders to keep track of all that important info in one quick, easy to read place.

I like to plan out my semester study schedule right at the beginning. I go through the syllabus very closely to figure out what the semester will entail. I write down all assignments in my planner (in pencil of course) and make sure I have the exam location, date and time figured out. I also like to have an idea of what the class appears to I found that giving myself some deadlines (when to have the outline finished, etc.) really helps me to stay productive and on top of things. If I have no deadline, even when self-imposed, it is much easier to procrastinate and put it off.. Also, having all the big assignments and their due dates right up front makes it harder to forget anything.

Along with the individual study schedule sheet for each class,  I like to have a layout for the entire semester with any of the important dates written down and my own self-imposed deadlines for all my classes. I hang this on the corkboard above my desk as a quick glance overview of my semester study schedule. The details are in my planner and on the individual study schedules for each class but this is a quick way to keep track of all my classes and all my deadlines. Law school is like juggling 6 balls at super speed so having everything organized and laid out really helps to keep it all straight. I color code my classes and assign each class a specific color so, on this semester calendar, I can just fill in the date box with a coordinating color to let myself know that there is something that day and I need to check my planner for what that is. 

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I made a printable of my semester-long study schedule as well- one for Fall and one for Spring. All you have to do is fill in the dates for that particular year. 


I find that the more organized I am in the beginning of the semester, the more organized I stay throughout the whole semester. 

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