Happy Holidays!

Well folks... it has been a while. Finals were an experience as usual. It was a very rough few weeks to get through the madness but I did it!

I am officially halfway through law school. I honestly can't even believe it! I am gearing up for a busy second semester full of moot court competition, working, some interesting classes and all the other usual stuff. I am enjoying my break by catching up on life, deep cleaning my house, watching endless Christmas movies, binge-watching The Crown, baking cookies and generally relaxing while I can... oh and checking the school website every hour for grades.

I plan to put out some blog content while I have the spare time over break. I was so busy last semester, blogging just did not take priority and I was not able to put out as much content as I had hoped and planned to.

Thank you to all who follow along with my little blog and I wish you the happiest of Holidays!


  1. I particularly like the baking cookies part! :-D

    Merry Christmas, Brandy!!

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