Friday Five 11/10/17

Hello friends!
Another busy week... finals are coming on fast. I can't believe how fast this semester has been flying. I do not have any classes or work today in observance of Veterans Day so I have collected my 5 Friday Favorites this week.

1. reputation
I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT. I have been obsessed since she released Tim McGraw, her very first song. Her songs have always been relatable and my favorite jams. I have followed her through the transition from country to pop and I love her no matter what. I have been anxiously awaiting new music and enter reputation, her newest album. It dropped at midnight and I have not yet had a chance to buy it but I will be soon! I am liking the new singles so far, even if they are different. It wouldn't matter though, I am a Swifty for life and nothing can change that!

2. Instant Pot
Guys... this is basically magic. I never seem to have enough time to cook dinner... night classes and extra reading just leave no time for cooking most days. I have been reading a lot about the Instant Pot and decided it was worth a try. It is a game changer. Fully cooked chicken and baked potatoes in 20 minutes. Spaghetti and meatballs in 15 minutes. I can't even describe how amazing this thing is. It cooks by pressure which is why it cooks so fast. It cleans up easily and had made dinner on busy nights possible. So worth the money!!

3. Seat Cushion
Law school friends... this is life-changing. I hate sitting at my desk for the massive amount of hours law school requires. I have scoliosis and my back is always so sore from all the bending over my desk and sitting in crappy desk chairs. I came across this seat cushion on Amazon and given how bad my back was hurting, I decided to give it a try. Best decision ever. The cushion is designed in a unique U-shape is recommended most by orthopedists and doctors to improve chronic and acute pain, by alleviating pressure in strategic areas surrounding the sciatic nerve. It has helped me so much in just a short time. I think anyone who sits as much as law students do could benefit from this!! Well worth the cost.

4. Hallmark Channel
I LOVE Christmas... like more than normal people. As soon as Halloween was over, I am in full Christmas mode. The Hallmark Channel has begun their 24/7 Christmas movie marathon and I am loving every second. The movies are the perfect study break- sweet, simple and festive. I love the sweet romance and adorable storylines... it feeds my inner sappy romantic. I know people say to wait until after Thanksgiving.... well 25 days just isn't enough Christmas for me so if anyone needs me I will be glued to the Hallmark Channel from now until Dec. 25.

5. CMA Performance by Carrie Underwood
I had a class canceled this week so I actually had time to sit down and watch the CMA awards on Nov. 8th. I am a lifetime lover of country music and this show was full of wonderful performances. My favorite artist of all time, Garth Brooks, won Entertainer of the Year again and Tim and Faith performed their new song *swoon*. But the highlight for me was this truly awesome remembrance performance of a classic gospel hymn by Carrie Underwood. I shed a tear when Tom Petty was shown, I shed a few more for Troy Gentry and I broke down sobbing on my couch when the Vegas victims came on the screen.... throughout the many speeches given throughout the night, a message of peace, love and unity was consistently present and this show of remembrance put me over the edge. It was great to see country music pulling together in the aftermath of tragedy and remembering those lost to a senseless act of violence.

Enjoy the holiday weekend! Thank you to all who have served our country past and present. 

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