Friday Five 3/10/17

Well today is not my day. I have to have an emergency root canal this afternoon due to a cracked molar :( not a fun way to end my spring break. Not that my spring break was exciting; I outlined, worked on my appellate brief and deep cleaned/organized my house. Pretty exciting stuff. On the plus side, my best friend is coming to visit this weekend and we are planning quite the girls night: face masks and wine while we watch the original Beauty and the Beast in anticipation of the new one! Something to look forward to after my dental appointment.

1. Love Actually Sequel
I love the movie Love Actually. It is one of my all time favorite movies to watch around Christmas. I just found out they are making a short revival and I am so stoked. All I know is that Hugh Grant is returning and he will still be Prime Minister so based on that alone I will certainly be watching. Love me some Hugh Grant. It will not be quite the same without Alan Rickman though.... :(

2. Spring Shopping
Anyone else feeling the need to purge the closet and go spring shopping? I set a laundry basket in my closet and I am trying to put something in it every day to donate to Goodwill. Then, I will not feel so bad as I online shop away and go to TJ Maxx every spare chance I get. There are so many cute things coming out and lots of great sales. So far I have gotten 4 new pairs of shoes and a few new shirts.... #shoppingaddiction

3. Doggie Art
How stinking adorable is everything in this shop??? I want it all! Custom doggie prints, mugs, etc. with about every dog breed there is and so many cute things like "Golden Brewing Co." with a Golden Retriever or "Australian Coffee Co." with an Australian Shepherd. I love it. He does other things besides dogs but lets be honest, I am really just in it for the dogs. Now what to order.... too many adorable options to choose.

4. Spotlight
Oh my goodness. This movie... so powerful. We read about this case in Criminal Law just a few weeks ago and when this came across my Netflix recommendations I had to watch it. A group of reporters crack a massive case in Boston dealing with a cover up of Catholic priests molesting children. I know it sounds a bit odd but it is a really powerful movie. Add it to the must watch list.

5. Making History
This show just premiered on Fox this week and it is hilarious. A little bit of history and a little bit of comedy makes for a fun little half hour show. I am definitely going to keep watching it because who doesn't want to see someone travel back to the revolutionary war in a duffel bag?

Have a good weekend! I'll be drinking milkshakes and icing my sore jaw after having my tooth ripped out.

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